Genshin Impact Never Ending Battle Event: Start Time, End Date, Requirements And Rewards

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After the Kaboomball Kombat event, Mihoyo is lining up yet another event for the players of Genshin Impact. The Never-Ending Battle event will have players fight camps of tough enemies to earn rewards. Here's what we know about this event

Never-Ending Battle

As seen in the in-game announcement, the Never-Ending Battle event will start this coming July 9 and will end on July 19. This event will players into fighting some enemy camps in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Players will need to defeat as much foes as they can to earn a high score.


The catch in this event is that there will be special enemies and a chance to get special buffs during the battle. Players will meet Berserker opponents which are powered-up version of some monsters in the game.

Other than just foes, players can also shoot some Momentum discs during the fight to earn their buffs for the fight. Defeating Berserker foes and breaking Momentum discs will give players some Momentum which are needed to activate the buffs.

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Similar to Vagabond Sword

Unlike the Kaboomball Kombat event, this event is closer to the Legend of Vagabond Sword quest. Players can adjust the fight's difficulty for a chance to earn more score in exchange for stronger enemies armed with buffs.


At best, players will need to strategize if they wish to get high scores for the rewards of this event. However, the Never-Ending Battle is confirmed to be a solo event.


Mihoyo has confirmed that players will get Primogems, Hero's Wit, Mystic Enhancement Stones, and Mora for clearing a camp. As for the exact number of the rewards, Mihoyo has yet to show that information.

Mihoyo confirms that there will be seven Never-Ending Battle challenges and will unlock new ones every day once it begins. The whole event lasts for almost two weeks which allows latecomers to catchup.


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