Genshin Impact: Why You Should Farm The Maguu Kenki Boss

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The latest Genshin Impact event has just released its time lock on its third quest which involves fighting an Inazuma boss, known as Maguu Kenki. The encounter will reward the player with some unique boss loot not available on the main region. Here’s why you should keep farming the Maguu Kenki boss until the event ends.

Boss Materials Needed For Upcoming Characters

After clearing the third Midsummer event quest, players can now repeat the Maguu Kenki boss fight at the middle of the four islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Similar to other repeatable boss fights, a Ley Line plant will sprout after the fight and allows players to claim the boss rewards for 40 original resin.

So far, the rewards for this boss are mostly Anemo and Cryo ascension fragments and a few 3-star and 4-star artifacts to boot. Last but not the least, the Maguu Kenki boss also drops the Marionette Core character ascension item. This item will be needed for unlocking more levels for future characters.

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Kazuha Release Is Next

After the Klee character banner rerun, the Kazuha banner is next. Genshin Impact leaks confirm that Kazuha will need Marionette Cores to ascend and unlock his levels further. Players who plan on rolling for Kazuha should keep fighting Maguu Kenki for more cores before the event ends.

After the event, the Maguu Kenki boss fight will be relocated somewhere in the game world. Leaks say that the Maguu Kenki can be found again in Inazuma. Alternatively, the Marionette Core could also be used for other characters who’ll be introduced in Update 1.8.

Max Level At First Day

If planning to get enough Marionette Cores for Kazuha, earning at least 70 to 80 cores would be enough. The leaks also say that the Sea Ganoderma plants will also be needed to ascend Kazuha. Currently, these plants can be found along the shores of the Golden Apple Archipelago’s islands. If other 5-star character ascensions are to be followed, Kazuha will also need more than 150 Sea Ganoderma up to level 90.

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