Where to Find Lotus Heads in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Lotus Head is a common item required for a few helpful alchemy recipies and often requested in Liyue Adventurers' Guild commissions.

Lotus heads are also needed for Xianling's cooking quest and the excellent Jade Parcels recipe.

So they're still handy to keep around.

Finding Lotus Heads is fairly easy, as they're fairly bountiful around water throughout the Liyue region and especially around Liyue Harbor itself.

They don't grow around every body of water, but we've got two maps to help point you in the right direction a bit further down.

You'll find Genshin Impact Lotus Head as tall-ish green stalks near the shores of rivers or lakes.

As with any resource in Genshin Impact, we recommend putting a pin in some of the spots that aren’t too far away from your usual haunts.

The reset rate is 24 hours, the same as other non-rare plants, making it easy to gather a bundle fairly quickly since most of Genshin Impact's Lotus Head locations are close to each other

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Lotus Head Locations

You’ll find Genshin Impact's Lotus Heads throughout eastern Liyue and also in the water area north of Minlin (map courtesy of MapGenie).

Image showing some Genshin Impact lotus head locations
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There's a cluster of Lotus Heads just north of the Liyue waypoint between Bishui Plain and Windwail Highlands.

You'll also find quite a few to the south, between that waypoint and Wangshu Inn.

Once you arrive in Liyue Harbor, you can purchase more Lotus Heads from the Wanmin Restaurant and from Baizhu's Bubu Pharmacy.

There are also several Lotus Head gathering spots around the harbor and to its west.

Image showing Genshin Impact lotus head locations in southern Liyue
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Lotus Head Farming

Lotus Heads respawn 24 hours after you pick them, like other common plants.

Both vendors will restock them as well.

Lotus Head Uses

Lotus Head is an ingredient in the following:

  • Streaming Essential Oil (increases party's Hydro damage)
  • Dessiccant Potion (increases party's Hydro resistance)
  • Jade Parcels (increase party attack and critical for 300 seconds)
  • Qingce Stir Fry (increase party attack)
  • Jewelry Soup (increase party defense)
  • Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup (decreases stamina consumption while sprinting)
  • Universal Peace (restores 30% HP)

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