Genshin Impact: How To Play Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Co-op Efficiently

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Clearing the Legend of the Vagabond Sword challenge quest is easy if aiming to just clear it once. However, getting all of its rewards will require players to work together to takedown the hardest versions of the bosses. Here's how you can get all of this event's rewards in Genshin Impact.

Get The Boosted Characters

For every challenge, the challenge quest will list some characters that'll get a 20% damage boost when used for that fight. Players who have those characters and can give them high-level weapons and artifacts are recommended for a higher chance of success.


So far, the characters that have damage bonuses for the event are Kaedehara Kazuha, Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Eula, Klee, Rosaria, Yanfei, Tartaglia, Keqing, Bennett, Fischl, Sucrose, and Razor. If you or your friends have these characters, it'll be best to bring them out for the event.

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3000 Points For Every Challenge

To get enough points to earn the event namecard, players will need at least 21000 points to claim that reward. Up until this score, players will get 280,000 Mora and an assortment of talent books and character experience items.


The rewards beyond the namecard are mostly more Mora and a few Mystic Enhancement Stones, it may not be worth to earn those especially if your co-op team isn't equipped enough to take the challenges at maximum difficulty.

Players will have to choose their difficulty modifiers correctly to get at least 3000 points. Aiming to be rewarded for at least 3000 challenge points will assure that players can skip some boss modifiers which keeps the fight difficult but not tedious.

At best, many players don't have access to high-level Artifacts with perfect stats and maxed out 5-star weapons. Characters with near perfect stats will be needed to fight the bosses at their best versions.


Other than picking characters, items, and boss modifiers, it'll be best to go in with a game plan. Constructing a team that greatly benefits from ability synergies, elemental reactions, and enough healing will make the fight finish faster and even enjoyable despite how annoying the bosses can be at their strongest.


Make sure to ask your friends for their builds for their characters to make sure that you'll know where your damage, healing, and protection will come from.

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