Kazuha's Special Dish in Genshin Impact

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What is the Genshin Impact Kazuha special dish?

That's easy to answer since... there isn't one.


Kazuha finally released in the second half of Genshin Impact's 1.6 update with the promised skills and abilities.

However, the wandering samurai apparently forgot his appetite because unlike every other character in the game, there is no Kazuha special dish at present.

While some believe that Kazuha will be patched in the 1.7 update to fix this issue, it's possible miHoYo could resolve it sooner.

Post-update patches fixing numerous bugs and making balance adjustments aren't uncommon, and Kazuha has only been in the wild for less than a day at the time of writing.

There is another alternative, though.

Kazuha's Special Dish in Genshin Impact Is Missing

Kazuha is the first Inazuma character, so presumably, his special dish will be Inazuman.


miHoYo could deliberately have left his dish out until future updates when Inazuman food and ingredients are introduced.

Whatever the case, it'll surely be worth the wait.

Special dishes in Genshin Impact add enhanced bonuses to the original dish, such as better health restoration or more extensive buffs.

If you've been lucky enough to pull Kazuha already, check out our Kazuha build guide for the best way to move forward.