Genshin Impact: All The Items Needed To Ascend Kazuha

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Genshin Impact has recently put up the Kaedehara Kazuha banner and the character is now up for the taking. However, Kazuha needs new items to ascend this character to max level. Here's all the items you need to level up this character continuously.

Marionette Cores

To further ascend Kazuha to his higher levels, Marionette Cores will be one of the materials needed to unlock more of his levels. These cores can be obtained after defeating Maguu Kenki and gives two to three cores per clear.


As of now, Maguu Kenki can be found in the middle of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Players need to unlock this area through the Midsummer Island Adventure quests prior to Kazuha's release. If this area in inaccessible, the Maguu Kenki boss can be found in Inazuma again once the region is released.

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Sea Ganodermas

Other than boss drops, Kazuha also needs some world pickup items to be ascended further. This character needs Sea Ganodermas which are aquatic plants growing off shorelines of some islands. These plants can't be found in Liyue and Mondstadt but can be seen near island shores in the Golden Apple Archipelago.


Similar to other 5-star characters, Kazuha will need more than a hundred of these plants to ascend him all the way up to level 90. Again, unlocking the Golden Apple Archipelago will be crucial to this as the Sea Ganodermas are plants native to Inazuma.

A Ton Of Vayuda Turquoises, Treasure Hoarder Coins, and Character EXP Items

Other than these two items unique to the Golden Apple Archipelago, players will also need the Vayuda Turquoise pieces and Treasure Hoarder coins to fully fund Kazuha's level ascensions. Vayuda Turquoise pieces or those light gray Anemo stones can be obtained from Maguu Kenki, Anemo Hypostasis, Stormterror, and transmutating other elemental Vayuda stones into Anemo on the Alchemy Table.

Meanwhile, Treasure Hoarder Coins can be obtained by defeating these thieves found throughout Liyue. Lastly, the Character Experience items can be obtained from the light blue Ley Line Outcrops.


Before setting off, Original Resins are needed to be spent to get all these items except for the Treasure Hoarder drops.

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