Genshin Impact Inazuma Map Leaks

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The Genshin Impact Inazuma map seems to have leaked ahead of the Genshin 1.7 release date (or Genshin 2.0 release date, depending on which rumors you follow).

We saw a zoomed out shot of the map in the not-too-distant past, but this updated leak from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord server and Genshin Report shows teleport points, Domains, and even area names.


Genshin Report said, as others have, the Inazuma rollout will take place in stages.

While the entirety of Mondstadt and Liyue were available from the start, that might not be the case with Inazuma.

The first phase includes just three Inazuma islands: Watatsumi, Seirai, and Tsurumi. The other three will be added in several later patches, with the entire Inazuma update spanning the remainder of 2021 and stretching into 2022.

Here's a closer look at that map:

That's in keeping with how miHoYo handled the Liyue update, which only recently came to an end with Zhongli's latest story quest.


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Genshin Impact Inazuma Map Leaks

Genshin Report also claims the Inazuma story is "intense" and the most political of the three regions so far.

Thanks to other leaks, we know a bit about what's happening in Inazuma.


The shogun imposes harsh policies and keeps the region isolated from the rest of Teyvat. However, a rebellious force sets up headquarters on the other side of Inazuma, and the Traveler naturally gets caught in the middle of it all.

Genshin Report said sign ups for the Genshin 2.1 beta are open now as well, so it seems possible the next update will be 2.0 after all.

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