Genshin Impact: How To Upgrade Artifacts Without Farming In Domains

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Many players are already accustomed to farming Artifacts in Genshin Impact to upgrade their best ones to the max level. However, Mihoyo has already implemented an alternative way to upgrade artifacts without rerunning Domains. Here’s how you can upgrade Artifacts without using another Artifact to do so.

Sanctifying Unctions and Essences

As seen in the Tubby’s Realm Shop in the Teapot World, players can buy Sanctifying Unctions and Sanctifying Essences. The Sanctifying Unctions gives 2,500 Artifact experience each and Sanctifying Eseences award 10,000 experience for one bottle. Using these Sanctifying potions can upgrade your Artifacts without going to domains and can afford them with Realm Currencies.


To use these potions, players will need to enhance the artifact they want. The Sanctifying Essences and Sanctifying Unctions can be seen near the Artifacts that they use for upgrading. In a way, these two items are like the equipment Enhancement Stones equivalent for Artifacts

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Will Need A Lot

Even though these Sanctifying Unctions and Essences can boost your Artifact levels, players will need a lot of them. Using six high-rarity artifacts gives around 20,000 Artifact experience. The Unctions and Essences needed to upgrade an artifact to +20 will also be surmountable.


Fortunately, these potions can be stacked and never expire. It could be best to keep buying them whenever they’re available and only use it when already holding a lot.

Refreshes For Days

Similar to other items in the Realm Depot, both items are sold by stock and can be sold out once all of it are bought. The store refreshes its wares after several days and includes the Sanctifying Essences and Sanctifying Unctions in the restock.

Make sure to prepare enough Realm Currency once the restock comes around. If needing to upgrade an Artifact set for a character as fast as possible, spending your Realm Currency for these potions is an option.


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