Genshin Impact: How To Take Pictures In-Game

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Genshin Impact is an undeniably beautiful open-world game with a large region to explore. As players adventure in the game, taking pictures for a good memory is often needed. However, how do you take the photos in this game?

Photo Mode

Genshin Impact's Photo Mode can be accessed through accessing the game's menus. In the main hub where the player's namecard, other features, and logout button can be found, the Photo Mode is the camera button just above the Notices button.


Clicking this button will turn the game's HUD into a camera mode where players can pan, zoom, enlarge, and generally control the camera to take the photo.

Players also have access to their character's poses and facial expressions if needed. The Photo Mode has features to help players take pictures of their characters or even the surroundings if need be.

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Kamera Gadgets

In the past Genshin Impact events and quests, players were rewarded with a Kamera and Special Kamera items. These Kamera gadgets allows players to quickly take a selfie with a single press.

However, these gadgets are limited as the user doesn't have a chance to pose. It also has takes a snapshot of the player's screen and the angle can't be changed. For player who have this item, equip the Kamera as your quick item slot.

Snipping Tool/Screenshot Button

As Genshin Impact is also an app, it may have times where it will break down and its features will be inaccessible. To take the picture of the problem, players can rely on the Windows Snipping Tool or smartphone screenshot shortcut to get their picture.


Genshin Impact doesn't obscure its screen when third-party screenshot apps are used on it. If possible, the Snipping Tool and screenshot shortcuts can be used to take the photo too.

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