Genshin Impact: How To Play Kaboomball Kombat With Friends

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Mihoyo has recently rolled out the new Kaboomball Kombat event that can be played on the Golden Apple Archipelago. This event will pit the player against a tower that shoots harpastum balls and the player will need to send it back to score and win. However, it's also possible to bring in a friend to help out.

Kaboomball Kombat Location

To unlock the event, players will be instructed to take the quest to find Albedo in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Simply proceed to the final island that Alice prepared for Klee and the players will find a canvas with a Dodoco painting. Near this painting, the players will find a Dodoco tower and a sand court in front of it.


Players will need to interact with the canvas to play with Kaboomball Kombat minigame. The canvas will also provide the choice to play alone or play with another person.

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Inviting Other Players In

Clicking the "Start Matching" option will queue the minigame for other players similar to domains and other event minigames. The queue will either wait for theo other player to enter your co-op world or send you to theirs.

Once two players are present, the Kaboomball Kombat can now be played as doubles against the Dodoco tower.

Alternatively, players can invite one of their friends to their co-op world to select their doubles partner for the minigame. Simply press the "Start Matching" again with your co-op friend present and the game will invite both of you to the game.

Kaboomball Doubles

With two people in the match, the Kaboomball Kombat game will work differently as a doubles. Normally, players have to chase every ball that flies toward them when facing the minigame alone. However, it will be counterproductive for both players to do this in doubles.


To make the best out of your doubles co-op mode for Kaboomball Kombat, it will be best to take halves of the court for both players. Players can divide their court into a left-right or front-back setup to make sure that the incoming serves can easily be returned.

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