How To Play Genshin Impact On A Mac

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As of now, Mihoyo has yet to release a Mac version of Genshin Impact. However, players have found a way to run the app on Mac platforms through third-party programs. Here's what we know how to do it.

Playing Genshin Impact On Mac With Bootcamp

To get Genshin Impact running on Mac, players will need to run the Bootcamp app and simulate a Windows OS on the Mac computer. Installing Windows 10 on a Mac computer is free and just needs to allot some space for it.


Once installed, Mac players can download the installer from the official Genshin Impact site and finish installing it. The Bootcamp app is required to make this game work.

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What Are The Limitations?

While playing Genshin Impact is possible, the Mac PCs may often meet hiccups in running the app. To fix this, it'll be best to tone down the game's graphics quality lower. The Windows 10 Bootcamp is already taking up space on your Mac to run a simulated OS of Windows. Depending on your Mac PC, it'll be sure to be a heavy load on the PC.


Can You Play Genshin Impact On Mac Without Bootcamp?

As of now, the Windows 10 Bootcamp is a requirement to play Genshin Impact on Mac. Mihoyo has yet to release a macOS version of the game which prevents Mac players from using it. Meanwhile, the iOS version is also incompatible on Mac.

In the future, Mihoyo may develop a macOS version of Genshin Impact or find a way to make the iOS version compatible on Mac PCs. For now, we'll have to wait for Mihoyo to make the move to see a standalone Genshin Impact version on Mac.