Genshin Impact: How To Invite Characters To Your Teapot World

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As of the latest Genshin Impact 1.6 update, players can now place their favorite characters in their Teapot worlds. These characters can now hang out in the player’s house. The characters even offer some unique interactions with the Traveler upon interacting with them.

Unlocking the Feature

When you log-in to the game, a new mission will instruct the player to find Tubby in their Teapot World and talk to them. Clearing the quest will give the Realm Dispatch item which allows the player to place characters in the Teapot World.


To place characters in the world, press the Teapot World edit button and you’ll now have access to the Companion tab. The player’s owned characters will show up in this tab and place them in their Teapot World.

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More Interactions

After placing the characters, players can also interact with them. Every character will have something to say about the character’s house and will have more topics to discuss depending on their Friendship level with the Traveler.


At first, players can only place one companion in the Teapot World and may have to switch them up every time they want to interact with each of them. However, players can have more Companion slots as they level up their Teapot World. A total of eight companions can stay in your Teapot World at Trust Rank 9.

Genshin Impact 1.7 Teapot World Companions Guide
You need this item to place your companions in your Teapot World

Chances For Primogems

Your companions can also give you gifts during their stay in your Teapot World. However, the characters will require players to complete a furnishing set that they want. These furnishing sets are new and can be bought through at the bottom of Tubby’s Realm Store.


Companions can be included in the whole furnishing set and simply place it somewhere in the Teapot World. The companion gift will give out 20 primogems per character. Lastly, some interactions with the Teapot World companions will complete some achievements which also give more primogems.

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