Genshin Impact: How To Increase Friendship Level Without Using Characters

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After allowing companions to stay in the Teapot World, players now actually have a way to increase their friendship levels. Normally, players will need to bring them out on quests and missions to get those levels. Here’s how to deepen your friendships with characters without the need to use them in Genshin Impact.

Teapot World Realm Bounty

When talking to Tubby and checking the Trust Rank, players will find the list of companions currently lounging in the player’s Teapot World. This list helps players keep track of who they’ve placed in the world.

Meanwhile, a bag can be found to the right of these companions. This is the Realm Bounty button and will dispense Companionship experience to these characters. This way, it’s possible to reach Friendship 10 without bringing them to fights.

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Keep The Companions Comfy

However, obtaining better Realm Bounty requires players to have a high Trust Rank. In order to reach the higher Trust Rank levels, players will need to fill their Teapot World with decorations and keep crafting new decorations at least one.

The decorations will be needed to secure a high Adeptal Energy for the Teapot World. More Adeptal Energy means more Realm Currency and Realm Bounty accumulation rate per hour. The Realm Currency are needed to buy more furniture blueprints and other things to place in the Teapot World.

All in all, the player needs to have a highly decorated Teapot World to get the best rewards for improving your Companion’s friendship levels. The world doesn’t need the aesthetic to increase the Adeptal Energy score and can be satisfied as long as it is placed on the world.

Will Take A While

While this way saves the effort of bringing the companions to battle, it is still a slow way to earn companionship levels. At max Adeptal Energy, it is only 5 companionship experience per hour. Moreover, the maximum Realm Bounty is only capped at 500. In the long run, it’ll still a long time to max out the friendship levels similar when you always bring them to missions and quests.

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