Genshin Impact: How To Farm Shiny Flotsam Fast

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The Midsummer Island Adventure event in Genshin Impact Update 1.6 introduces one challenge where players earn Shiny Flotsams to buy rewards from the Event Shop. Players will need to fight Hilichurl bases stationed at sea to earn these Shiny Flotsams. Here’s a guide to quickly get your Shiny Flotsams for the event.

Clearing “Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire” Challenge

Once the fog has been cleared in the Golden Apple Archipelago, players can now play the event challenges that are available on the area. The “Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire” challenge is the first challenge offered and is the only source for Shiny Flotsams at the moment.


The challenge requires players to go to a marked location at the map to clear out a Hilichurl base. The goal only requires all of the Hilichurls to be defeated and the base can be destroyed optionally on the side.

Attack Bases Directly

The fastest way to clear the challenges is to jump out of the Waverider ship and land near the Hilichurls. The enemies for this challenge are the regular Hilichurl warriors and should be a quick fight when high-level characters are used against them.

The Waverider ship has its own attacks but it’s mostly better used for destroying Anemo barriers and parts of the Hilichurl bases. Relying on the Waverider’s slow attacks will double your time to clear the challenge.


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Big Attacks Work Best

The Hilichurl towers in these bases often have small platforms which perfectly herd the Hilichurls and make them easy targets for AoE attacks and abilities. Characters with massive Elemental Skill and Elemental Bursts will clear these enemies quickly.

Alternatively, finding ways to throw the Hilichurls into the water also saves time as deep water immediately defeats them. Jean and other Anemo characters will find this strategy easy to do.

Genshin Impact 1.6 Shiny Flotsam Guide
All the Shiny Flotsam rewards can be bought at Day 1

Repeat 10 Times And You’re Done

For each clear, the challenge gives out 200 Shiny Flotsams instantly. Players will only need to repeat the quest 10 times to earn all the rewards for this challenge. The 2000 Shiny Flotsams will also be enough to buy all the first part of Event Shop items.

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