Genshin Impact: How To Farm Primogems Fast

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Primogems are an important resource for many players of Genshin Impact. Gathering enough of these gems can allow players to not only buy extra resources but also procure those 5-star characters and weapons from banners. Here's how to farm them efficiently.

Do Your Dailies

Once the Traveler is acquainted with the Adventurer's Guild, the guild will assign the Traveler with four commissions every day. Completing these quests will reward 10 Primogems each. Players can report to Katheryne to get another 20 primogems after.


Overall, Genshin Impact's daily missions secures 60 primogems for every player each day. The missions can be an escort mission, fetch quest, clearing a group of enemies, or all at the same time.

Adventuring for Chests And Achievements

Other than completing quests, players can also earn Primogems through getting achievements in the game. Getting these achievements can vary and some achievements have hidden requirements even when checked on the Achievements menu. Clearing achievements gives out Primogems ranging from a single gem to more than 20 gems.

Meanwhile, adventuring in Genshin Impact's regions is rewarded through opening treasure chests in the wild. Opening them up not only gives loot but also a small amount of Primogems.


Participate In Events

Almost every week, Mihoyo is releasing events in Genshin Impact. Participating in these not only gives out materials for upgrading but also some Primogems. Completing all of the event missions often rewards players with hundreds of Primogems.

Players will need to amass thousands of Primogems to assure that they'll get an assured 5-star character or weapon from the Wish banners. Players will need at least 14400 Primogems to get one. If they're aiming to get the limited character or weapon, players need 28800 Primogems to secure the limited character or weapon if they got a different one for the first time.

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