Genshin Impact: How To Exit From The Waverider Boat

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Genshin Impact update 1.6 is now live and has brought along some of the newest game contents which can be tried by players all over the world.

One of those new game contents is the Waverider system which can be utilized by players to navigate through the new islands which are also part of update 1.6. In simple terms, you can now ride a boat and set sail in the seas of Genshin Impact.

But how can you exit the boat in this new system? Keep reading and find out how you may do so.

How To Exit From The Waverider Boat In Genshin Impact

A video by YouTuber ZaFrostPest presented how you can exit from the boat you summoned via the Waverider Waypoint. This was done in the PC version of Genshin Impact.

While navigating through the seas, you just need to press and hold the spacebar to jump and eventually exit from the boat. You may use your glider to slowly go down and navigate in the air.

Other Information About The Waverider Boat In Genshin Impact

You can accelerate the Waverider Boat which can increase its speed while navigating.

It also has two weapons, namely the Swiftstrike and Heavy Cannons. Both can be used to deal high-powered blasts, though the latter is definitely stronger yet has a cooldown.

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