Genshin Impact: How To Clear Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Fast

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Mihoyo has recently released the Legend Of The Vagabond Sword challenge quest for players to enjoy. The challenges pits the players against strong Genshin Impact bosses to earn rewards. Even with the event's difficult challenges, it's actually possible to do these quests fast and get its rewards.

Set To Easy for Easy Rewards

Even though the event encourages players to play against bosses as difficult as they can take, players can skip the challenge through setting it to the easiest difficulty. For the challenge modifiers, make sure to set it to Easy difficulty and do not select any modifiers.


Picking no modifiers will give players the weakest version of the boss at level 30. This version of the boss fight allows players who don't have access to high-level weapons and artifacts to clear the event too.

Regardless if your characters are equipped or not, your characters will be enough as long as the boss is outleveled for the least.

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Primogem Rewards

Clearing the challenge boss at least once will allow the players to get the Primogem rewards. If you're aiming to get all rewards, its worth a shot to do the challenge at its easiest first to secure the Primogems.


By design, the Legend Of The Vagabond Sword quest is designed for players who want challenging boss fights. The boss modifiers beefs up the challenge which make it fun and longer for the players.

For players who don't want to face the challenge that'll take their time, the easy way out is highly recommended.

Get All The Rewards

The only problem using this tactic is the low Challenge Score it gives. Aside from the Primogem rewards, players are also expected to earn thousands of these points to get all of the rewards for the challenges. Players who earn 30000 Challenge Score will get alot of extra Mora, Character Experience items, and Talent Books.


If aiming to get all these rewards, the easy way tactic won't be enough and bringing in your best characters will be needed. Alternatively, players can call in friends to help out to clear the high difficulty boss challenge faster.

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