Genshin Impact: How To Clear Fog In New 1.6 Event

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The new Genshin Impact 1.6 event introduces a new area that allows players to sail the seas on a Waverider ship. However, players will find themselves sailing on foggy seas when they arrive on the area. The fog hinders the player from freely exploring until it is cleared.

How To Clear The Fog

After Dvalin drops you off an island in the Golden Apple Archipelago, the Traveler, Klee, Jean, and Barbara notice that the surrounding ocean is covered with fog. Fortunately, the party finds one of the beacons in the area to shine the light in the area. The beacon is also a teleport waypoint that players can use if they’re stranded somewhere in the map.


The player is then tasked to activate the three remaining beacons throughout the other islands in the archipelago. The Waverider ship will be given early in the event. The ship will be the main mode of transportation in island hopping in the area.

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Follow The Lights

While the fog doesn’t fully obscure your field of view in the ocean, the game will not allow you to wander aimlessly while it’s still around. Traveling too long in the fog will force the game to reset you to a spot that’s discovered on your map.


Players will need to follow the Glimmering Beacons to successfully cross the foggy parts of the map without the game resetting their position. These floating beacons in the water will guide players to the islands where the beacons are placed in.

Genshin Impact 1.6 Fog Guide
Once the fog clears, the blue summer sky can be seen.

Four Beacons To Fully Clear

Looking at the map, the four beacons are found in each of the four regions of the archipelago. Players will start off in Pudding Isle and will find a set of beacons leading to Twinning Isle. After that, players will find another set of beacons guiding toward the Broken Isle and find the last beacon set leading to Minacious Isle.


Enemies will be found near the beacons too so be prepared to fight. Once all of the four teleport waypoints are activated, the fog will clear out and players can now wander in the event area. Clearing out the fog also allows the player to clear event challenges too.

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