Genshin Impact: How To Change Element With Main Character

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There are seven elements in Genshin Impact, with six of those already revealed. But you may only choose from two elements if you wish to change the main character’s element so far.

You can switch with either the Geo or Anemo elements. You just need to locate a certain area within the game’s available regions for you to change elements in Genshin Impact.

So, without further ado, here’s how you can change element with the main character in Genshin Impact.


How to Change Element with Main Character in Genshin Impact

For you to change element in the game with the main character, you need to look for a Statue of the Seven. Each of these corresponds to an element that you may choose.

In the region of Mondstadt, you can look for all the Anemo Statue of the Seven. While in Liyue, you can search for all the Geo Statue of the Seven available in the game.

Once you found either one of those, just interact with it and select Resonate. It will automatically change the main character’s element.

It is recommended to do this change of element with your main character depending on the mission or task you are doing. Of course, the elemental skills and bust of the main character will vary depending on the element you chose. But as of now, it can only be either Anemo or Geo.

Having the right element may give an advantage in some cases, so doing this can be vital in Genshin Impact.

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