How To Buy Jean's Summer Outfit In Genshin Impact

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Mihoyo has recently rolled out the update 1.6 in Genshin Impact. Along with the new event, players can now buy the game’s first alternate outfit for one of its characters. However, finding the Jean outfit can be difficult as the game doesn’t immediately show it to the player. Here’s how to find the Jean’s outfit in the game.

How To Get Jean’s Summer Skin

To get started, open up the game’s Shop where you normally buy your extra Wishes for the rolls you use to get characters and weapons. Instead of immediately offering you the Blessing of the Welkin Moon page, the game will show you something else.


Genshin Impact will instead show you the Sea Breeze Dandelion costume for Jean immediately. With enough Genesis Crystals, the outfit can now be yours. Purchasing it using the cash currency is the only way to avail the costume right now.

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How Much Is Jean's Summer Skin

As seen on the Shop page, the costume is currently discounted and costs for 1350 Genesis Crystals. Paying for it will be a one-time transaction and you’ll own the costume forever.

The Sea Breeze Dandelion costume doesn’t require players to have Jean in their party. However, purchasing the costume without the character doesn’t give them a copy of it either.

Genshin Impact 1.6 Jean Outfit
The outfit, as seen on the Genshin Impact Shop

Where Can You Use It


Once the outfit is purchased and Jean is available in the party, the Sea Breeze Dandelion outfit can be worn anywhere even outside of the event area. The outfit fully changes Jean’s clothes and even adds a few new idle animations for the character.

However, Jean’s attack animations still remain the same and doesn’t change it for any advantage. The new outfit also doesn’t give her any additional stats for wearing it. Genshin Impact’s outfit system only offers cosmetic changes and nothing else at the moment.

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