Genshin Impact: How Inazuma Pushes Genshin Impact's Story Forward Faster

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Inazuma is the upcoming third region for the Traveler to explore in Genshin Impact. Moreover, Mihoyo has done a good job in pushing the game's storytelling as it pits the main character in another unique conflict. Here's why Inazuma will push the game's story forward.

A Nation Locked In Conflict

As seen in the Inazuma reveal, the nation is currently locked in a civil war as a rebellious Inazuma force is fighting against the Electro Archon's tyranny. In Genshin Impact, this is the first adventure of the Traveler to nation that is currently in conflict with itself.


In Mondstadt and Liyue, the Traveler arrives in their main cities without any major fuss and is even enjoys a warmer welcome on entering the region. Inazuma will be the first region where its authority figures will actively pursue the Traveler due to the decrees of the Electro Archon to her dominion.

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A New Role For Traveler

The Traveler's arrival in Liyue and Mondstadt are mostly similar as the main character was a stranger proving themselves to be a major help to the city when it encounters major problems.

In Mondstadt, the Traveler had successfully fought off Stormterror and even helped out in dealing with some internal issues it had among its citizens. In Liyue, the Traveler enjoyed a similar role as they've helped out the Liyue Qixing in enacting their duties and even worked with them to fight off Osial who almost destroyed the city.

Overall, the Traveler was a problem solver who was able to find the important Archon of the region by chance. Meanwhile in Inazuma, the Traveler is already informed of the Electro Archon's iron fisted rule in her region and will not have an amicable connection to the Archon from the get go.

Adding Stakes To The Story


During ng the early parts of Genshin Impact's story on the first two regions, the player was mostly concerned on grounding themselves in the world of Teyvat. The adventure was trying to make friends along the way while trying to find their sibling.

Before venturing forth to Inazuma, Mihoyo has already satisfied these two goals which is surprising for a game like this. Many developers often save the main goal of the main character for so long that the main character goes on other roundabout adventures with new, important characters met along the way.

The main character goes so much on the roundabout journey that learning anything about their main goal is not a sign of good progress but a warning that their massive party of a journey is about to end.

Hopefully, Mihoyo can continue adding this story direction moving forward in the regions they'll introduce in the game.

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