Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Recipes and Rewards

Wondering what all the Genshin Impact Hilidream recipes are?

The latest Genshin Impact web event rewards you with Mora and level-up materials for experimenting with combinations of four different building materials to construct a new home for Hilichurls.

There’s absolutely no guidance in the event on what ingredient combinations produce what furniture pieces.

In fact, most of the combinations make no sense whatsoever, which is a shame since it takes real-world time to make most recipes.

We’ve dug through each one and come up with the 15 recipe combinations so you don’t have to.

Note that while the teapot spirit tells you to experiment with different combinations, these 15 Hilidream recipes are the only ones there are.

There’s no way to tweak them and get additional items.

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How Long does Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Run?

The Hilidream Camp web event runs through April 27.

You only need an active miHoYo account to log in.

Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Recipe Ingredients

The event doesn’t tell you what the ingredients are, so from left to right, we’ll call them wood, paint, glue, and straw.

All Genshin Impact Hilidream Recipes

Note the first one is filled in for you already, since the even gives you a bed to start with.

  1. Wood, Paint, Glue– Bed
  2. Wood, Paint, Straw – Ladder
  3. Wood, Glue, Straw – Mounted Mask
  4. Paint, Glue, Straw – Fireplace
  5. Wood, Wood, Paint – Cabinet
  6. Wood, Wood, Glue – Stone Table
  7. Wood, Wood, Straw – Screen
  8. Glue, Glue, Wood – Stone Seat
  9. Glue, Glue, Paint – Lampgrass Lamp
  10. Glue, Glue, Straw – Rug
  11. Paint, Paint, Wood – Elemental Decoration
  12. Bucket, Bucket, Bowl – Lantern Decoration
  13. Bucket, Bucket, Straw – Mini Pyrovine
  14. Straw, Straw, Wood – Cooking Pot
  15. Straw, Straw, Bucket – Unusual Hilichurl Portrait

Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp Rewards

Completing every recipe will earn you 120 Primogems, Mora, experience points, level-up materials, and two new furniture blueprints available starting April 29 after Genshin Impact 1.5 releases.

These are the Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails blueprint and Cloudy Haze Bed blueprint.

It's unclear if these are exclusive to the event or will be available elsewhere.

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