Genshin Impact Geo Hypostasis - Where To Find, Fight Mechanics And Rewards

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Genshin Impact is an open-world game with vast regions, full of flora, fauna, and curious locations such as ruins and temples. However, it is also filled with different sorts of enemies to confront that come in different forms and factions. Today, we’ll be talking about the Geo Hypostasis, Gimel.

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Geo Hypostasis Gimel - Overview and Location

The Geo Hypostasis is a Boss located in the Mondstadt region, sitting on a circular structure in a small island in the Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue. It looks like a large, golden cube with a glowing core at its center that can’t take damage unless the core is exposed. After it’s defeated, the player must consume 40 Original Resin to claim its drops, which consist of various Artifacts and Ascension Materials for several Geo characters.

Geo Hypostasis Gimel - Abilities and Attacks

Summon Pillars: Summons 4 pillars in a large triangle formation around the arena, it will sit on one at a time and teleport between them.

Stone Pellets: Flies into the air and forms a rhombus with its shell pieces before absorbing them all and using them to fire a continuous stream of stone pellets that can be easily avoided by moving around.

Hammerfall: Teleports next to the player and forms its shell pieces into a giant hammer that it smashes into the ground, sending out a shockwave in front of it. This attack can only be used once all of the Hypostasis's pillars have been destroyed.

Clap: Quickly flies next to the player and forms a large wall, which folds in a "clapping" motion very quickly, dealing damage in an area in front of the wall. Dash sideways to dodge.

Stone Seal: Floats into the air and forms a sort of flat, plated formation out of shell pieces while channeling a Geo seal around the player. After a few seconds, it will break the seal and instantly summon a large, damaging pillar at the player's location.

Shockwave: Floats into the air and briefly channels energy into the pillar it is floating on before emitting a single shockwave. The shockwave deals moderate damage and has no follow-up attack.

Rain of Rocks: Causes shell chucks and Geo pellets to continuously rain down in various small areas around the arena. This attack will only be used when the Hypostasis is on the ground, and only seems to work the first time it is used.

Tremors: Spirals into the air and channels energy into its pillar, causing all pillars to emit continuous shockwaves for the duration of the attack. This attack is deadly and deals a massive amount of damage. Attack the concentrated Geo energy near the Hypostasis's pillar to create a Geo forcefield that blocks the shockwaves. While inside that forcefield, attack the pillar it is on to bring the Geo Hypostasis back down to ground level.

Terra Resurgence: When HP is low (approx. 5%), the Hypostasis teleports to the center of the arena and forms 3 pillars that channel Geo energy. After 15 seconds, the pillars are absorbed to heal 15%/35%/50% of its HP for 1/2/3 pillars absorbed. Destroy all pillars to immediately kill the Hypostasis, if a pillar is destroyed it will not respawn the next time Terra Resurgence is used. If this move is completed, the Hypostasis will use Summon Pillars.


Geo Hypostasis - Fight Strategy

As soon as the fight starts, Gimel will summon three Pillars that are susceptible to Claymores and Geo damage, so having both in your party becomes extremely important since a lot of the fight you will have to try to destroy those. Eula, Zhongli, Noelle, all those are great choices to take into this battle.

Like any other Hypostasis enemy, when it reaches a critical point in health it will trigger a final phase before it dies, in this case spawning three pillars in an attempt to revive itself. As with the normal pillars during the battle, they are weak to claymores and Geo damage, but these are far weaker than the ones during the fight.


Geo Hypostasis Gimel - Rewards

Depending on your World Level, you will obtain different rewards after defeating the Geo Hypostasis. These will vary on amount and rarity depending on that, and the list goes as follows:

Ascension Materials

World Level Ascension Materials
1Prithiva Topaz Sliver + Basalt Pillar
2-3Previous Rewards + Prithiva Topaz Fragment
4Previous Rewards + Prithiva Topaz Chunk
5-8Previous Rewards + Prithiva Topaz Gemstone



And that's it! Now you can decide what character you prefer to focus on using our reliable Best Characters Tier List, to build a solid team to face this boss!