Genshin Impact: Where To Find Ship Parts In Golden Apple Archipelago Quest

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Table of Contents

One of the new quests in the Golden Apple Archipelago involves finding pieces of a broken ship in the area. Each of the ship parts is located at a different island and must be salvaged to find the location of the treasure. Here’s how to find the Ship Parts for the From Outer Lands quest.

Find The Broken Ship Parts


To get started, players will need to find the beached ship parts in the north and south of the Twinning Isle. Upon finding one of the parts of the ship, players will need to find an interactable part of it. The Traveler will find an inscribed plank on the ship which notes the location of the other half of the ship. 

Upon finding two parts of the destroyed ship, Paimon will mark a large area in the middle of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Upon following the inscriptions, the ship’s valuable cargo was said to have been left there for anybody’s taking.

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Search For Destroyed Ships

As the search area is big, players may get confused on what they’re looking for. To find the treasure, players will need to interact with bubbles near the surface of the water to check if the treasure was there. These bubbles are found near partially submerged broken ships in the area.

Some ships may not have the treasure so it’s best to keep looking around. Upon finding the correct ship, a Abyss contraption will spawn and players will need to fight it. The Waverider’s cannons will be enough to take it down.


Treasure Time

Upon defeating the contraption, the chest will finally spawn for the player’s taking. Opening the chest will reward the player with Primogems plus a few more coming from the quest clear reward.

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