Get Diona for Free in Genshin Impact Amplifier Event

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The Energy Amplifier Genshin Impact event is live now through May 17, offering a buffet of challenges and, more importantly, a chance to obtain Diona for absolutely free. Energy Amplifier is, admittedly, a bit of a complicated event, at least in its layout.

You’ll travel to key places and gather a new item, Irminsul Fruit Fragments, used to power the Energy Amplifier device. This device offers buffs for your party usable in Domains and the new Twisted Realm.


It’s worth it in the end, though. Aside from Diona, you can work your way toward talent and level-up materials, including Crowns of Insight. There’s the usual Mora and Primogem rewards to claim as well, which is handy seeing as Genshin 1.5 is introducing two brand-new characters, Yanfei and Eula.

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How to Start Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Event

If you’re at least Adventure Rank 20 or higher, the game notifies you of a new quest in Liyue once you log in. Follow the marker and trigger the quest. You’ll be tasked with finding Areas of Interest, which just means following map markers.


Once you arrive, deal with the enemies surrounding the Fruit Fragment. Destroy Mutation Stones around it to weaken enemies, then claim the Fruit Fragment once you’re done.

New Areas of Interest open up as the event progresses, so you won’t have too many to explore at first.

Configure Energy Amplifier

The next step is fixing the Fragments into the Energy Amplifier device. This step depends on Motive Force, a new measurement based on the collective levels of your strongest characters. A higher Motive Force number means you can equip more Fruit Fragments and Fragments of better quality.


Whatever combination of Fragments you use, the goal is giving your party buffs to tackle the event’s Domains.

Energy Amplifier Domains

There are three Domains in the Energy Amplifier event:

  • Vishap’s Rest
  • Where Shadows Writhe
  • Frost-Worn Space

You can only challenge each once, but clearing them earns Primogems and Fractured Fruit Data exchanged at the event store for items and more. It als unlocks a corresponding stage in the Twisted Realm

Energy Amplifier Twisted Realm

The Twisted Realm Domains offer a slew of customization options where you specify limitations or extra challenges and earn additional Fractured Fruit Data for clearing the Domain with those challenges active. Unlike the regular Domains, you can challenge these as many times as you want to get better scores


Energy Amplifier Rewards

Diona is the headline reward and costs 1,000 Fractured Fruit Data. The other major reward is the Crown of Insight, also 1,000 Fruit Data. Aside from 60 Primogems for 120 Data (limit of 5), the other rewards aren't worth spending your Data on.