Genshin Impact Electro Hypostasis - Where To Find, Fight Mechanics And Rewards

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Genshin Impact is an open-world game with vast regions, full of flora, fauna, and curious locations such as ruins and temples. However, it is also filled with different sorts of enemies to confront that come in different forms and factions. Today, we’ll be talking about the Electro Hypostasis, Aleph.

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Electro Hypostasis Aleph - Overview and Location

The Electro Hypostasis is a Boss located in the Mondstadt region, sitting on a circular structure in the southern part of Cape Oath. It looks like a large, purple cube with a glowing core at its center that can’t take damage unless the core is exposed. After it’s defeated, the player must consume 40 Original Resin to claim its drops, which consist of various Artifacts and Ascension Materials for several Electro characters.

Electro Hypostasis Aleph - Abilities and Attacks

The Electro Hypostasis has various attacks on its arsenal that inflict Electro damage. After using each one of them, the core will be exposed for a few seconds, and you need to use this opportunity to deal damage to it.

Missiles: Flies into the air and forms a rhombus with its shell pieces, firing two each for a total of four attacks. Move around to dodge (can be dodged without dashing). The core will be exposed during this attack.

Clap: Quickly flies next to the player and forms a large wall, which folds in a "clapping" motion very quickly, dealing damage in an area in front of the wall. Dash sideways to dodge.

Rock, Scissors, Paper: Flies next to the player and turns into a giant fist, punching in the player's direction. Then, turns into giant scissors and deals damage in a "cutting" motion. Finally, turns into a giant hand and slaps the ground in front of it. Sometimes only performs 1 or 2 of the attacks, but will always perform them in the given order. Dash or move in a circle behind the boss to dodge.

Drill: Turns into a giant drill and spins across the arena. Dash to dodge.

Tremors: Moves to the center of the arena and forms a spinning dome formation with its shell while sending out many small waves of shell pieces. Weave between the waves to dodge.

Cage: Sends shell pieces into the sky and rains them down in an octagon formation around the player, trapping them, before raining lightning in the cage. The cage can be broken by attacking the pillars with elemental damage. The core will be exposed during this attack. Dash toward the first pillar, and then out of the cage before the complete cage is formed. This attack is usually performed only when the player takes too long to defeat the Electro Hypostasis.

Rotating Lasers: Forms a ring around its core with its shell pieces and fires lasers out in 4 directions. The ring will then rotate, the lasers moving with it. When the lasers turn off, the shell pieces quickly converge on the core. Sprint in a circle close to the ring to dodge lasers. Alternatively, stand inside the ring to dodge the lasers, but make sure to leave the ring before the pieces converge (indicated by the ground rune disappearing). The core will be exposed during this attack, allowing the player to safely continue damaging the Hypostasis for a duration.

Rebirth: When HP is low (approx. 5%), teleports to the center of the arena and forms 3 Electro prisms, which can only be damaged by Elemental damage (may only be reaction damage). After 15 seconds, absorbs the prisms and heals for 15%/35%/50% of its HP for 1/2/3 prisms absorbed. If a prism is destroyed, it does not add to the healing and does not respawn next time the Electro Hypostasis uses Rebirth. When the player destroys all three Electro prisms, the Electro Hypostasis dies immediately.


Electro Hypostasis Aleph - Fight Strategy

Aleph’s attacks are easy to predict and dodge after a few battles. Since it’s formed by pure Electro element, any elemental attack inflicted on Aleph will automatically turn into its related Elemental Reaction, so the recommendation is to bring Pyro characters to trigger Overloaded and Geo characters that can Crystallize so you take advantage of those extra resistances. Keep in mind that as an Electro creature, Aleph it’s immune to Electro attacks.

Like any other Hypostasis enemy, when it reaches a critical point in health it will trigger a final phase before it dies, in this case spawning three prisms that you need to destroy before a certain amount of time or Aleph will recover HP. However, these are highly susceptible to Pyro attacks, so you should be fine.


Electro Hypostasis Aleph - Rewards

Depending on your World Level, you will obtain different rewards after defeating the Electro Hypostasis. These will vary on amount and rarity depending on that, and the list goes as follows:

Ascension Materials

World Level Ascension Materials
1Vajrada Amethyst Sliver + Lightning Prism
2-3Previous Rewards + Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
4Previous Rewards + Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
5-8Previous Rewards + Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone



And that's it! Now you can decide what character you prefer to focus on using our reliable Best Characters Tier List, to build a solid team to face this boss!