Genshin Impact: Where To Find 4 Familiar Voices Echoing Conches

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After clearing the day 3 quest for the Midsummer Island Adventure, players can now pick up the last set of Echoing Conches in the area. Previously, players couldn’t pick up specific conches on the islands and inspects it instead. Here’s where to find those last conches.

Clear The Quest First

Before trying to pick the Familiar Voices conches, the Traveler needs to clear the “Dodo King of The Sea, Lying in Wait” quest first. Players will need to meet the characters that will be introduced in this quest first. The voices of these characters are the ones recorded in these Echoing Conches. Without clearing the quest, the conches can be found but can't be picked up.


Once the quest is finished, these last four Echoing Conches will properly appear on the map. Picking these up are crucial in fully completing the Echoing Conch collection event quest.

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Familiar Faces

During the “Dodo King of The Sea, Lying in Wait” quest, four Mondstadt characters will also find their way to the Golden Apple Archipelago. The Traveler will meet Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo, and Razor in the Golden Apple Archipelago. These characters will join the Traveler in investigating the islands and the disabled Maguu Kenki in the middle.


The quest will instruct the Traveler to reinsert a component of the Maguu Kenki into it and reactivate it. It’ll start a boss fight and defeat the Maguu Kenki to finish the quest. Once the boss fight is done, players can now look for the conches now.

Last 4 Conches

Similar to the other conches, the last four conches are quickly show up on the minimap when the player gets close enough. Here’s our list where to find the last conches:

  • Archon’s Deeds Conch(Albedo) - Teleport to the Minacious Isle
  • Seaside Reminiscence Conch(Kaeya and Diluc) - Found among a shipwreck in the eastern island between the Twinning Isle and Pudding Isle
  • Grilled Fish, Tortoises, and Innocence(Klee and Barbara) - Teleport to the Pudding Isle
  • Wolf’s Predicament(Razor) - In the same middle island where the Maguu Kenki bossfight is found

Once all of these conches are found, it’s now possible to earn all the rewards for the Echoing Tales collection event.

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