Leaker Suggests Genshin Impact 2.0 Could Bring Full Cross-Save Support

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According to Twitter user and serial leaker Genshin Report, the Genshin Impact 2.0 update may finally introduce full cross-save support, enabling PC/Mobile users to continue playing on PlayStation consoles and vice-versa without needing to make a whole new account.

One of the worst things about Genshin Impact has always been its slightly limited cross-save functionality. Players are currently able to team up across any platform, but accounts made on PC/Mobile can't currently be accessed on PlayStation platforms and vice-versa, putting multi-platform users in a bit of a pickle.

But the game's big 2.0 update could be set to change all that: including preparing multiplatform accounts for the in-development Nintendo Switch version.


Despite the typical release pattern suggesting the 2.0 patch is a few months away, leakers have also suggested that Genshin Impact 2.0 will directly follow the current 1.6 patch, meaning the big day is likely mere weeks away.

To read more about what the update may bring, check out our dedicated Genshin Impact 1.7/2.0 patch page.

That isn't to say the universal account system won't come with a few extra limitations. Platform-exclusive content like the Wings of Descension glider skin from the PlayStation version may be locked to said platform. If you're not playing on the correct platform at the time, exclusive cosmetics may be unusable.

What happens in the case of a character having a platform-exclusive skin equipped when switching to an unsupported platform, however, remains unclear.


This recent rumour hasn't been pulled out of a hat at the last minute, either.

Dataminer ABC64 found mention of Genshin Impact Cross-Save support in the game's code early last month. No patch number was given at the time, but aiming to have a core, frequently requested feature for a large 2.0 patch (which will presumably include the new Inazuma region) makes a lot of sense.

In addition to the cross save news, the update will also allegedly allow console users to access the features of the game's companion site HoyoLab as well.