Genshin Impact: Developers Confirm Paimon Companion, Growable Plants And Other Features In Next Patches

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Looking forward, many fans don't know what else will be added to Genshin Impact prior to the massive Inazuma update. However, the developers have confirmed some features that are slated to arrive for the game soon. Here's what we know about these new features that'll be included in an update soon.

Paimon Companion

In Genshin Impact, Paimon is the Traveler's guide, confidant, and partner for all their adventures. Aside from assisting the Traveler in their quest to reunite with their sibling, Paimon and the Traveler do share warm, funny moments as they travel all across Teyvat.

However, Paimon's interactions are mostly locked in story cutscene discussions and NPC dialogue choices. Most of her talking is mostly professional despite being the source of levity for most situations.

Even with her massive screen time and words, Paimon is not a companion that you can invite to your Teapot World to hangout with.

Mihoyo has confirmed that they're working on a Paimon companion that you can place inside your Teapot World. Since Paimon is at the Traveler's side from the beginning of their journey, recruiting her through rolls will not be necessary.

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Growable Plants

Other than Paimon, Mihoyo is also looking at farms that players can tend to in their Teapot World. Most of the vegetation placed in the Teapot World act as closer to furniture rather than providing the players with some fruits and other resources.

The growable plants update is teased to be included in an upcoming Sneak Peek update which is a livestream slated to happen soon. Potentially, this reveal could happen days before Inazuma release on the major Patch 1.7 update.

Teleportation Furnishing


Lastly, Mihoyo has also confirmed that Teleportation furnishing will also be added soon for the Teapot World. Currently, many players are having trouble running around in their Teapot World as it grows larger as it levels up. It gets tedious as there's no way to move around faster in this area.

With the Telportation furnishing, players could place specific waypoints in their home for quick navigation and remove the need to leg it to every area when they need to talk to their companions or buy something from the wandering salesman.

Even with these new features, Mihoyo has yet to confirm the release dates of these updates.

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