Genshin Impact Bamboo Segment Locations: The Best Place To Farm Bamboo Segments

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Genshin Impact is known for introducing a ton of materials and resources in the game needed to craft various item or weapon recipes. One of which is the Bamboo Segment which could be farmed in only one location so far in the game.

With that being said, here’s where to farm Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact.

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Where to Farm Bamboo Segments in Genshin Impact

The only location in the game where players can farm the material is in the road leading to Qingce Village.

The fastest way to get to the area of the Bamboo Segment is to take the waypoint ending to the beginning of the path towards the village. As players would go on and travel the road, they may be able to find some bamboo trees where the material can be farmed.

Players can also find bamboo shoots along the way. Although it can’t be used just like how the Bamboo Segment could be maximized.

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