Genshin Impact Ayaka Release: Banner, Constellations, Ascension, and Everything We Know

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When is the Genshin Impact Ayaka release date?

Ayaka is one of the earliest characters leaked from Genshin Impact’s first closed beta.


Developer miHoYo teased Ayaka in its 2020 New Year’s post, but has gone quiet on both Ayaka and Inazuma since then. 

Genshin leaker Dimbreath recently released a brief video showing Ayaka’s movement and poses, though they emphasize it’s old footage and not representative of how Ayaka looks now.

Despite the lack of updates since the original leak, we have a pretty good idea of a possible Ayaka release time frame, if not the actual date, and a hint of what she’ll be like once she is playable.

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When is Genshin Impact Ayaka’s Banner?

Update - May 17

The latest round of rumors says Ayaka won't release in 1.6 and will, instead, be slated for sometime during Genshin Impact 1.7 or its subsequent branch-off updates.


Ayaka is closely tied with Inazuma.

Zhongli’s introductory text mentions a conversation between the Inazuma Archon Baal and a character named Yae, also called Guuji Yae.

miHoYo spotlighted the same Guuji Yae during New Year’s 2020 and said her first guest to the shrine that day was Ayaka, where she was welcomed as the princess of Kamisato House.

Like all event characters, you’ll need Intertwined Fates for Ayaka, and she’ll likely have a boosted drop rate during the Ayaka Banner, possibly sometime in Genshin Impact 1.6.

While it's not certain yet if the five-star Cryo wielder will appear during the next big Genshin update, we do know Inazuma is all but guaranteed for Genshin Impact 1.6

Is Ayaka a Five Star Character?

Thanks to that initial closed beta, prominent Genshin leaker Honey Hunter compiled an initial set of Ayaka’s stats and info.


Note that because this is information from before Genshin Impact released, it is subject to change between now and Ayaka’s release date.

Ayaka is a five star sword user with Cryo as her Vision.

Based on these initial leaks, Ayaka seems like a powerful character.

Ayako Elemental Skill

Her Elemental Skill Hyouka sets up Elemental Reactions with swirling ice and deals AoE damage.

Ayako Elemental Burst

Her Elemental Burst is Senho, which increases movement speed on water and turns regular attacks into Cryo attacks.


There seems to be a second Elemental Burst called Soumetsu.

This one turns her fan into a bladestorm that deals Cryo damage over time until it explodes and deals major Cryo damage all at once.

Ayaka Constellations?

Ayaka’s Constellations revolve around maximizing her Cryo output, increasing skill levels and raising the amount of damage she inflicts on enemies.

  • Sosai Sumizome Sakura — Increases Hyouka's damage by 20% against enemies inflicted with Freeze
  • Ai Suigetsu — Decreases Soumetsu's cooldown time by two seconds and increases energy recharge by 15%
  • Hanano Nishikie Kamifubuki — Increases Soumetsu's level by three, with a maximum of 15
  • Eiki Ryuhan — Increases Ayaka's attack by 20% when energy level is above 50%. When it's below 50%, Ayaka's critical rate increases by 10%
  • Hanani Kumo Kaneni Irutsuki — Increases Hyouka's level by three, with a maximum of 15
  • Mie Yuki no Seki To — Unleashes two additional Soumetsu bladestorms that each deal 20% of the original's damage

What are Akaya’s Ascension Materials?

The early leaked information shows Ayaka’s Ascension materials use the Prosperity-series items from Taishan Mansion, along with Whopperflower Nectar and its higher-level variants.

Then there’s the Ring of Boreas dropped by the Lupus Boreas recurring boss.

Again, this is all subject to change.

The two most recent Genshin character leaks require items from yet-to-be-released bosses, so it’s possible Ayaka’s Ascension materials will change as well.

What is Ayaka’s Best Build?

It’s too early to say for sure yet, though as with any offensive Cryo character, the Blizzard Slayer and Martial Artist Artifact sets will likely be ideal for Ayaka.


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