Genshin Impact: How To Clear Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Quest

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Mihoyo has recently released the Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Archon Quest in Genshin Impact. Completing this quest assures the Traveler's passage to Inazuma. As of the story, Inazuma is a closed nation and is on its own island faraway from Mondstadt and Liyue.

Find Information About Inazuma

The Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves quest picks right after the Archon quest where the Traveler learns that their sibling is currently working with the Abyss Mages. Puzzled on what to do next, Paimon and the Traveler takes up Zhongli's offer to find the Electro Archon in Inazuma for more clues on what to do next.

To get started, Paimon suggests to the Traveler to find Atsuko in the Liyue Harbor to ask about Inazuma. This NPC will be found in the Liyue Harbors to the east and her unique Inazuma attire will give her away if you can't find her in the crowd.


Inazuma Right Now

Talking to her will give a brief primer about how the state of affairs is happening in Inazuma right now and her reasons for escaping her home nation. Atsuko leads the Traveler to find captain Beidou and her crew in Guyun Stone Forest if they wish to go to Inazuma soon. Beidou has an Inazuma native in her ship crew who could know more about going to Inazuma.

Going to Beidou's ship can be a problem as it takes almost a full stamina to reach her ship through solely swimming to it. To save stamina and prevent yourself from drowning, put Kaeya in your party and make an ice bridge toward the ship using his Elemental Skill.

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The Crux Clash Tournament

After talking to Beidou and her crewmate from Inazuma, Kazuha, the captain invites the Traveler to join the Crux Clash tournament where people test their strength against one another. This tournament only allows strong combatants with great martial arts skill who do not have any elemental Vision with them. The Traveler can still technically join the fight as they don't have a Vision despite having access to Anemo and Geo powers.

After accepting the offer, the Traveler will be instructed to proceed to a small arena in Guyun Stone Forest where the tournament will happen. After arriving, Paimon will instruct the Traveler to check on their opponents before finally registering for the event.


The Tournament Proper

Even though it is a tournament, the Traveler will only have a few fights that the player will be in. The first one will be against an overconfident man that fights similarly to a Treasure Hoarder. Defeating this man will place the Traveler in the semi-finals where they'll face a large, muscular man.

For many players, the Traveler is an unpopular pick as a main damage dealer and often have left their them to have lower levels. To play fair, the Traveler can't use their Anemo and Geo powers in the tournament. The fights will have some buffs for the Traveler to deal great damage to the fight.

The second fight can be challenging as the enemy can't be flinched when hitting him. Additionally, his punches may hurt if your Traveler is not well-equipped. To defeat him, wait for him to throw a slower, stronger punch and hit him while he's still recovering.

Pursuing The Thief

After clearing the Semi-Finals, Kazuha will invite the Traveler somewhere far for a request. Kazuha's deal is that the Traveler has to show off their control over elements without a Vision in exchange for what he knows about Inazuma.

Players will have to clear a group of monsters in front of Kazuha to proceed onward. Once Kazuha is done telling his story in Inazuma, he'll ask to head back to the tournament.


Upon returning, the grand prize for the tournament has been stolen and the finalist that was scheduled to fight the Traveler has gone missing. Fortunately, Kazuha has an idea where the thief is and asks the Traveler to join him.

The path to the thief will require players to fly using air currents to fly back to the mainland and fight off a few Treasure Hoarders. The other finalist was revealed to be a Treasure Hoarder hoping to use the Vision for himself. However, it does not activate and opts to fight the Traveler and Kazuha to escape.

Ticket to Inazuma

After defeating the thief, Kazuha tests the thief to see if the Vision will awaken and dismisses the thief after the Vision shows no changes. After retrieving the vision, the pair returns back to the tournament area where they're informed that Ningguang has summoned Beidou about to talk about the situation of the tournament.

Even without Beidou around, Kazuha assures the Traveler that Beidou will keep her word in assuring passage to Inazuma as they helped in catching the thief who ruined the tournament and technically wins against the finalist in battle.

After this discussion, the quest ends and rewards the player with a handful of Primogems and other loot. As the Inazuma region is not yet available, players will have to wait for the next update to see how the boat trip will go.

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