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Where to Find Apple in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Apple is a common item required for a few recipes, but outside that and the occasional timed event quest, the humble apple has few uses.

Yet they're still handy to keep around.

Finding apples is fairly easy, as they're fairly bountiful in the Stormbearer Mountains region in northern Mondstadt.

Some maps show apple trees east of Mondstadt, though they don't appear to be fully accurate, so your best bet is in the Stormbearer Mountains area.

You'll typically find apples on trees, obviously, though some are on the ground.

You'll also randomly find apples at other points as well, including investigation points, and you can buy them from a Liyue merchant.

Still, as with any resource in Genshin Impact, we recommend putting a pin in some of the spots that aren’t too far away from your usual haunts.

The reset rate is 24 hours, the same as other non-rare plants, making it easy to gather a bushel fairly quickly since some of the best apple locations are right next to each other.

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Apple Locations

You’ll find Genshin Impact's Apples throughout the Stormbearer Mountain area, but especially right around the teleport waypoint there.

Image showing Genshin Impact apple locations
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There are two apple trees right near the teleport waypoint, one to the north along the dirt path and the other barely a few yards west of the waypoint.

If you're wandering around the area anyway, you'll run across a few other apple trees, but these are the easiest to find.

You can also buy apples from Bolai in Liyue Harbor.

He sells up to 10 apples each day for a total of 2,400 Mora.

Apple Farming

Apples respawns 24 hours after you pick them, like other common plants.

Bolai restocks them as well.

Apple Uses

Apple is an ingredient in the following:

  • Satisfying Salad (increases critical rate by 12%)
  • Northern Apple Stew (restores 32% HP)

Apples also restore 300 HP to your chosen character, so they're useful to keep around for recovery when you don't want to use a more valuable meal.

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