Genshin Impact: Where To Find All Murals

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The Golden Apple Archipelago has its surprises as it is a deserted region for players to explore in Genshin Impact. The region is deserted for a reason as people arrived in the archipelago and even left murals to record their progress in successfully leaving the archipelago. Here’s where to find all the murals they left behind.

All 5 Mural Locations In Genshin Impact

All in total, the player can find 5 murals in the Golden Apple Archipelago. These murals are painted on some walls of the rocks where human encampments used to be. Finding these murals would require the player to interact with it and take a photo of it. Using the game’s Photo Mode would be enough securing a picture of it for the quest.

Here’s all the locations of these murals:

  • Twinning Isle Mural – Found under the massive rock formation on the South of the Twinning isle Teleport Waypoint, will reveal a path to a mountain that leads to a secret room for journal needed for a Golden Apple Archipelago quest
  • Broken Isle Mural – Found inside a cavern behind a Dodo King wall under the Teleport Waypoint of Broken Isle, reveals the correct water levels for the ponds needed to solve the Broken Isle puzzle
  • Minacious Isle Mural – Found under the eastern rock formation in the main Minacious Isle area
  • Nameless Island Mural – Found in the northmost island in the middle of the Broken Isle and Twinning isle
  • Northeast Nameless Islet Mural – Found at the at small islet at the far northeast of the map, can be reached at end of the “Time and the Wind” quest

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Related To Quests

Aside from simply needing to taking a picture of it for a quest, these murals are crucial in finishing the other quests in the Golden Apple Archipelago. The murals found in the Broken Isle and Twinning Isle are required in proceeding with certain quests in the area.

Once the murals are completed, the Traveler can bring the mural images back to Mondstadt for an expert to appraise it. A scholar can help decipher what the murals mean if the player needs clues on understanding what they’re for.

Rewarding To Find

Lastly, completing the mural quests rewards the player with Primogems. These gems are valuable for any player as it affords them rolls to get new characters and weapons to use in Genshin Impact.

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