Genshin Impact Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Adeptal Energy

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Genshin Impact introduced a housing system called Serenitea Pot back in Update 1.5, which brings different kinds of furniture and decorations that are necessary to level up our Trust Rank. To access these furniture blueprints we will need Realm Currency, involving a few other concepts that help to generate it at a faster rate. That’s where Adeptal Energy comes into play.

Adeptal Energy - Why do I need it?

Well, it’s simple. The more Furniture you craft, the more you level up your Trust Rank, which gives you access to more items to buy in the shop, such as Mora, leveling materials, and further ways to decorate your Housing Realm. The only way to level up your rank is crafting new furniture, and to do that, you need to buy furniture blueprints, which are only accessible with Realm Currency.


Realm Currency & Adeptal Energy

The Realm Currency generates over time at a rate between 4/hour and 30/hour depending on the amount of Adeptal Energy you have in your realm, which you get by placing different kinds of furnishing in your Serenitea Pot. Each area will have an associated Adeptal Energy corresponding to the kinds of furnishings placed, and each item has a certain Adeptal Energy bonus when they’re placed.

However, since each area also has a Load Limit, it’s recommended to use 4 Star Furnishings like “Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails” inside our house or “Stone Lion Statue: The Warding” outdoors, since those give higher Adeptal Energy for the less Load Limit cost, which makes them effective for reaching high levels of Adeptal Energy.

Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails
Adeptal Energy - 90
Load - 85
Crafting Materials
Pinewood x12
Fabric x3
Red Dye x3

Stone Lion Statue: The Warding
Adeptal Energy - 90
Load - 50
Crafting Materials
White Iron Chunk x12


The rates of Realm Currency generated are the following:
0 Adeptal energy, generates 4 Realm Currency per hour
Humble Abode
2,000 Adeptal energy, generates 8 Realm Currency per hour
3,000 Adeptal energy, generates 12 Realm Currency per hour
4,500 Adeptal energy, generates 16 Realm Currency per hour
6,000 Adeptal energy, generates 20 Realm Currency per hour
8,000 Adeptal energy, generates 22 Realm Currency per hour
10,000 Adeptal energy, generates 24 Realm Currency per hour
12,000 Adeptal energy, generates 26 Realm Currency per hour
15,000 Adeptal energy, generates 28 Realm Currency per hour
Fit for a King
20,000 Adeptal energy, generates 30 Realm Currency per hour

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