Genshin Impact 'Who Wields The Wild Wind' Quest Guide

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After a certain quest in the latest Genshin Impact event, players will find that the Golden Apple Archipelago has larger islands after all. However, one of these islands are unnamed and initiates the “Who Wields The Wild Wind” quest upon approaching the island. Here’s how to clear this quest fast without any hitch.

Treasure Chest Protected By Magic

Upon arriving to this nameless island, the player will find a treasure chest enclosed in a barrier at the middle of the area. Players can’t break the spell through attacks and must clear the three Hilichurl camps at the top of each high rock formations in the area.


Unlike the other quests, players will not be facing a puzzle here and will have a more straightforward solution to it. Players just need to fight their way in and open up three chests to fully break the treasure chest barrier.

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Climbing Up To The Top

As the Hilichurl camps and the chests needed to break the barrier are located up top, players will need to climb these steep rock formations to get there. To get there, players will need to start at the mountain to the right as it has vines to climb upward to some bridges leading to its summit.

Genshin Impact 1.6 Who Wields The Wild Wind Quest Guide Vine Ladder Nameless Island
Climbing this vine is your way up in this island.

From the summit of the right mountain, players just needs to defeat every Hilichurl they can see to unlock the chests they’re guarding. None of the fights are particularly difficult and can easily be wiped with high-level characters.


Last Battle

Opening each summit chests will weaken the barrier at the middle until it fully shatters. Players can proceed to open it below. However, the chest has one last big Stonehide Lawachurl guarding it. Upon its defeat, the chest will be yours to open and the quest will be cleared at the same time.

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