Genshin Impact 1.6: Why You Should Roll For Klee Rerun

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As of now, the first Genshin Impact Update 1.6 character banner is for Klee again. This Pyro catalyst is known for her littering the battlefield with her bombs that deal massive damage. Here’s why you should get Klee again before her banner disappears again.

Klee Is The Best

In Genshin Impact, Klee is classified as a Pyro Catalyst character. Her element allows any party she’s in to have the bonus Attack stat buff if another Pyro character joins her in the fight. Potentially, Klee helps your party to get higher damage which always useful for any fight in Genshin Impact.

Looking at her stats, her attack percentages are overshadowed by most characters. However, Klee’s attacks are always explosive which almost always assures that enemies fly up in the air. Enemies of any size are at her mercy as they can’t fight back while her bombs toss her enemies up at all directions.

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Supportive DPS Character

By design, building Klee is a straightforward affair as she benefits well with Attack and Critical stats. This focus allows her to keep attacking and sustain high damage.

However, astronomical damage numbers are not Klee’s strength. Even though she benefits from stats that flat out boost total damage, Klee has passive abilities that give her and her party a few points on energy when landing a critical hit.

This passive allows her to boost her team’s overall damage as she can help her teammates get their ultimates ready too. More than her bombs, Klee also allows her party members to rapidly obliterate their foes as most characters need their ultimates for maximum damage.

Anemo Synergy


Klee’s has low Elemental Mastery stats by default but that her synergy with Anemo doesn’t end there. Her bombs mix well with Anemo abilities as her bombs can change direction and can be herded up by the wind. Normally, enemies must step on each bomb to activate it. Storms and strong winds from Anemo Elemental Skills collects both enemies and the bombs which maximize Klee’s bomb damage too.

Additionally, the next character in the Genshin Impact 1.6 update is an Anemo Swordsman from Inazuma. It’ll be best to have her around to fully take advantage of the next character's strength.

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