Elon Musk May Come To Genshin Impact

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We may add a new streamer (and possibly a new character, we'll see) to Genshin Impact, named Elon Musk. Elon is mainly known for SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, and many other things, but he is never afraid to get into funny situations. Until recently, it was hard to predict what Elon would do next, from pushing Doge to selling flamethrowers.

The developers of Genishin Impact, miHoYo, sent a since-deleted tweet asking for more followers. With each milestone, Elon Musk became more and more involved, and many thought this was a joke—until the man himself tweeted about coming to the game.

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Will Elon Musk Join Genshin Impact?

It wouldn’t be the first time Genshin Impact took a piece of pop culture and added it to their game. The addition of Alloy helped the game grow. They hope to get Elon Musk with a tweet found by the skilled writer James Busby at Dexerto outlined below:

  • 500k follows: @GenshinImpact will be renamed back to Paimon
  • 1 Million follows: @GenshinImpact will follow @ElonMusk
  • 3 Million follows: @GenshinImpact will invite @ElonMusk to stream Genshin Impact
  • 5 Million follows: @GenshinImpact CEO Dawei will invite Elon Musk to visit miHoYo HQ

And Elon musk responded with:

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You know Elon Musk isn't joking if you follow him. There are many things he does just to make a meme, and it helps him every time. Personally, I can't wait to see King Elon take over the world of Genshin Impact. The day he comes to the game, he'll join my party.

As more is revealed, we will keep you updated on exactly how and when Elon will be streaming and possibly joining the Genshin Impact character list.

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