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Looking for Genshin Impact Dainsleif details? This enigmatic masked figure is one of the game's most important characters; not only does Dain narrate Genshin Impact, but he also traveled with your lost sibling for a time. To top it off, he is the only character except the Traveler that we've met who can use abilities without a vision.

As you might imagine, this all makes Dainsleif a bit of an enigma. But considering his importance, it's strange we haven't heard anything from him since the Abyss Herald questline. Is the Dainsleif release date arriving soon in-game? Or will we have to wait a lot longer before we can answer some of those nagging questions about his backstory?

If you're interested in other upcoming characters, we've also got speculative guides for Thoma, Kokomi, Aloy, Yae Miko, and Scaramouche. That said, in this particular Genshin Impact Dainsleif guide, we've got everything you need to know about the mysterious Bough Keeper. So read on to find out more!

What Is the Genshin Impact Dainsleif Release Date?

Though Dainsleif was originally revealed as an upcoming playable character back in version 1.4, as part of the We Will Be Reunited questline, there is currently no information as to when the Genshin Impact Dainsleif release date will arrive.

But as he is from Khaenri'ah, and this location is listed as the last in the Genshin Impact Teyvat Storyline Preview, it's likely we'll see him drop as part of the final region release.

Is There a Genshin Impact Dainsleif Banner?

We have no idea as to what the Genshin Impact Dainsleif banner will look like or what version it will drop in. Perhaps Dainsleif was intended to be a playable character earlier on, hence the reveal, and so got pushed to a later version. But considering his narrative significance, it's far likelier that he'll arrive alongside the overall end of Genshin's Archon quest. This seems especially true since the fate of Khaenri'ah seems heavily linked to your sibling and the seven Archons of Teyvat

Genshin Impact Dainsleif Build and Abilities

We know that Dainsleif's nickname is the 'Twilight Sword' and that he was a royal guard in the kingdom of Khaenri'ah 500 years before Genshin Impact is set. Unlike the other citizens of Khaenri'ah who transformed into the creatures of the Abyss Order, Dain was cursed to be immortal, and he therefore retains his original form. What's even stranger is that, like the Traveler, he doesn't use a vision but still has abilities.

We know that Khaenri'ah was a godless city, so maybe its citizens developed an alternate version of elemental abilities, or maybe whatever allows the Traveler to use powers without a vision does the same for Dainsleif. This could also mean that, like the Traveler, Dain might not be bound to a single element and could potentially use all of them.

A screenshot on Genshin Impact's Dainsleif during the Abyss Herald questline
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Genshin Impact Dainsleif Weapon

As the 'Twilight Sword', it's not too much of a jump to assume Dainsleif is a sword user, though we've never actually seen him with one. It's equally as likely that he could wield a catalyst, or perhaps even a claymore. Everyone thought the Raiden Shogun, Genshin Impact Baal, was a sword user at first, but she turned out to use a polearm; it's tough to predict exactly.

Genshin Impact Dainsleif Voice Actors

As Genshin Impact's narrator, we've heard Dainsleif's different voices on many occasions. The English-language voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal, who you might also know for voicing Peter Parker in Sony's Spider-Man game. The Japanese voice actor is Tsuda Kenjiro, who's been in more anime than you could count, including Yugioh (as the great Seto Kaiba), Jujutsu Kaisen, and Tower of God.

That's all we know about Dainsleif at the moment. If you're currently exploring Inazuma, be sure to check out some of our other guides. We've got lists of Electroculus locations, Sakura Bloom locations, and even a guide on how to get to Inazuma. Check them out!

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