Gears Tactics: Will there be multiplayer or co-op in latest Xbox and PC exclusive?

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Gears Tactics launches next month, and fans of the long-running franchise (can you believe it's been almost fourteen years since the first Gears of War?) will be able to enjoy a new turn-based prequel.

With the series' impressive lineage of multiplayer modes, including adversarial and co-op, many fans will be wondering if there's a multiplayer component coming to Gears Tactics.

Here's all we know.

Read on to be pleasantly surprised.

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Will Gears Tactics have multiplayer or co-op?

According to a tweet in December 2019 from now-departed studio head Rod Fergusson, Gears Tactics will be single-player only.

That's admittedly a little disappointing given the multiplayer heritage of the series, but perhaps understandable – this is the first foray into turn-based strategy gameplay, so narrowing developer Splash Damage's focus should lead to a more polished game.

There's always the chance it could be added later, too.

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