Gears 5: Title Update #1 Patch Notes For October 2019 - New Escape Skills, Double Star Saturdays, Supply Drops And More

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After a month on store shelves, Gears 5 will be getting its first big patch in the form of Title Update #1; the patch notes can be found on their 'what's up' post. Gears 5 has come under scrutiny with the lack of content included within the game, most notably the sea of fans who have banded together to create the 'Carmine Crusaders', in an attempt to get Carmine added back to the game - a staple family of characters within the franchise.

With this new update, there has been a lot of new content added and changed in the game. Here are all of the changes and tweaks coming to Gears 5.

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Store Changes


Something that didn't go down well with the community, is the fact that the store items were far more expensive than they were expecting. These prices have no been adjusted and will roll out over time as new items are added.

They also wanted to provide clarity surrounding weapon skin sets. Despite some are purchasable, others will be earnt via the next Tour of Duty.

They are also looking at way to increase the visibility of Banners and Blood sprays - you can read the full details here.

New Escape Skills

New skill cards are coming for Mac, Keegan and Lahni for FREE. Here arethese new skills:


  • Venom Resistance (Rare, Level 11): All damage taken is reduced by 10% while in Venom
  • Venom Blade (Epic, Level 15): Melee damage in Venom causes enemies to bleed for 10% of damage dealt


  • Venom Explosive Resupply (Rare, Level 11): Resupply recharges explosive weapons while in Venom
  • Venom Boost (Epic, Level 14): Kills inside the venom reduce the cooldown of Resupply by 20s


  • Venom Resistance (Rare, Level 12): All damage taken is reduced by 10% while in Venom
  • Each new Skill Card will be added to the Character Progression path for each Character at the listed levels.

Bug Fixes And Changes

Despite a successful launch, there were a number of bugs and fixes needed for the game; Some of the biggest ones are listed below:

  • Kill feed now shows downs to all players
  • Added an option to disable down/kill notifications next to crosshairs
  • Asylum: In Escalation, trains now enter on a predictable timer based on the start of the round rather than match duration
  • Exhibit: Escalation rings are now the same across both halfs
  • Exhibit: Laser bridge cooldown doubled from 5s to 10s
  • Resolved an exploit that allowed enemies to be de-spawned in Escape
  • Fixed an issue where Jack’s Assault and Support Abilities can get into a state where they cannot be upgraded in Campaign Co-Op
  • Fixed an issue on Vasgar where Joining In Progress could cause issues traversing the mid exit to helicopter side
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Ultimates from being activated on PC
  • Fixed a bug where meatshields could block shots when they are dropped and ragdolling

You can read more about these bug fixes and changes here.

What's Being Worked On

The Coalition are already looking at some changes and improvements for the next update including a few instances with button mapping/remapping, bullet mangetism and visual bugs - which you can read about here.

Double Star Saturday (Boost Bonus)

After the last Double Star event, every Saturday will now feature Double Stars for Boosted players from 2am PT on Saturday to 10 am PT on Sunday.

Versus Special Event

Every week will feature a special event playlist featuring unique game modes suchas as 'One-Shot, One Kill' and many more new modes.

This week will begin with Arcade Double Trouble. Arcade Double Trouble is simple – all skull gains are doubled! In this fast and furious variant of Arcade, new weapons are going to be appearing on the battlefield every second. Think fast, slay fast.


Escape Hives

With the exploits and leaderboards now fixed, within title update #1, featured hives will now be unpaused and ready to go in the weekly rotation.

This week, you’ll be jumping into The Surge, a highly customizable Escape experience featuring modifiers that enable different kind of enemies. Use the modifiers to create your preferred Escape challenge, or be brave and fight them all at once!


Supply Drops

Supply drops will now include character skins, with Del's classic Gears 4 skin being featured. Here's this week's drops:

  • Character: Classic Del
  • Weapon Skin: Relaxed (Retro Lancer)
  • Expression: Advance (all Characters)
  • Execution: Eat The Gun (Overkill)
  • Bloodspray: Banana Peel
  • Mark: Xbox
  • Mark: Balloon
  • Banner: Pride Omen
  • Banner: Hivebusters Cover 1
  • Banner: Hivebusters Cover 2

Weekly Store Content

  • Quartermaster Keegan – 1000 Iron
  • Matte Black Loadout Weapon Skin Set – 500 Iron
  • GG Bloodspray – 500 Iron
  • Stage Bow Global Expression – 500 Iron
  • Question Mark – 100 Iron
  • Chrome Steel Snub – 400 Iron

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91