Gears 5 Operation 5 'Hollow Storm': Release Date, Patch Notes, Characters, Maps, Ranked Changes, Trailer, Patch Notes and Everything We Know

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Gears 5 launched back in 2019, but its regularly being updated with new Operations and the new one is called 'Hollow Storm'.

With the third-person shooter now being over a year old, the interest may be dying down and The Coalition are likely looking at Gears 6 for the recently released Xbox Series X.

This could be one of the final Operations to be released for the game.


While that's a sad thought, it's exciting to see so much new content drop in this single Operation.

Operation 5 will be adding 7 new characters and 5 new maps as well as plenty of other content.

Here's all we know about Operation 5.

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Latest News

Operation 5 'Hollow Storm' Announced! - 12th November

The new Operation has been announced confirming 5 new maps and 7 new characters!


Unlock Gabe Diaz - 12th October

Players can unlock Gabe Diaz ahead of the new Operation by completing the Gears Tactics tutorial on any platform.

You will then receive the Armored Gabe character Skin in Gears 5.

What Are Operations?

Operations are Gears 5's version of seasons and each one brings new changes to the game.

As well as performance and gameplay changes, it also brings new content such as characters, skins, maps, modes and general tweaks.

Release Date

Operation 5 is arriving on the 17th November 2020.




There is no price attached to the new season - it is completely free.


Ranked Mode Changes

Nothing has been revealed in terms of ranked mode so far, but we expect some changes to come.


7 new characters are being added in the upcoming Operation including:

  • Anya
  • Tai
  • Dizzy
  • Skorge
  • Lambent Drone
  • TBC
  • Lambent Theron Guard

You can also grab Gabriel Diaz (available by playing the Gears Tactics tutorial on any platform)


5 maps have been confirmed to be released in the new Operation:

  • Nexus
  • Regency
  • River
  • Gridlock
  • Clocktower

Horde And Escape Mode Changes


As detailed by the Gears of War website, the biggest update for this mode is that the Characters and Classes have been decoupled - you can now choose your Class and then pick whatever character you want to play.

You're now also able to play as duplicate characters!

Sam, Jinn and DB characters won’t be playable in PvE until the next Title Update.

Operation 5 also includes a significant balance update for all Classes that include tuning updates, 16 new Skill Cards, new Passives, and more. Check out the patch notes below for more details. Note: Sam, Jinn and DB characters won’t be playable in PvE until the next Title Update.

  • Blademaster (previously Lahni)
  • Brawler (previously Cole)
  • Infiltrator (previously Kait)
  • Demolitions (previously JD)
  • Marksman (previously Fahz)
  • Mechanic (previously Del)
  • Robotics Expert (previously Baird)
  • Combat Medic (previously COG Gear)
  • Tactician (previously Keegan)
  • Veteran (previously Marcus)
  • Gunner (previously Clayton)
  • Pilot (previously Lizzie)
  • Anchor (previously Mac)
  • Nomad (previously Paduk)
  • Striker (previously Grace)
  • Slugger (previously Sarah)
  • Architect (previously Kat)
  • Protector (previously Emile)
  • Jack (previously… well, Jack)

They've also increased the max level for each class to 20. Any progress made with the previous corresponding character will be applied to the relevant Classes.

Multiplayer Changes

All multiplayer changes can be found here.