Gears 5: DLC Information, Battle Pass, Tour of Duty, Lootboxes And Details For The Newest Gears of War Game

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Gears 5 DLC will be completely free in a new direction taken from one of the most established console franchises in history. Modern Warfare 2019 will also be following a similar route with their DLC by not charging for it. However, there is some DLC available, such as the Terminator: Dark Fate character pack and the Halo: Reach character pack, available in the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition; there will also be methods to unlock certain items.

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Gears 5 DLC

The Coalition announced back in June that the new game in the franchise will not feature a season pass and all Gears 5 DLC will be free to improve the player experience. Gears of War has in the past always been well received, but unless you're a die hard Gears fan, you may find your attention turned towards other games. What was frustrating in the past was coming back to Gears and not being able to play in quality games because players were split into two, some owning the season pass and having access to the new maps and the others being left out as they didn't have access. It became a particular problem for those in certain regions.

Gears 5 has also done away with loot boxes, however players can still gain random rewards through supply drops by playing the game. Duplicates can be scrapped and crafted into supply items.


The new game will also introduce 'Tour of Duty', which is essentially a free battle pass, having daily challenges and cosmetic rewards to be unlocked.


XP and supply drop boosts will be on sale and exclsuive cosmetics will be available in the cash shop.

So far the most notable DLC available comes with your purchase of the game. The Terminator: Dark Fate character pack is available to those who pre-order the game or those that download and play the game before the 16th September on the Xbox Game Pass. If you purchase the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, you will also get access to the Halo: Reach character pack.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91