Gears 5: Cover System Mechanics, Shot Types And Wall Bouncing Tips And Tricks Tutorial To Improve Your Multiplayer Gameplay

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The Cover System in Gears 5 is a fundamental part of the multiplayer experience, when used correctly you can use it as a tool of destruction. If you're looking to find out more Gears 5 tips and tricks to improve your multiplayer gameplay, you've come to the right place. In this tutorial you can learn about different types of cover shots such as the reaction shot, the slap shot and techniques such as wall bouncing.

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In our Gears 5 tips and tricks hub, we covered a variety of different aspects surrounding the cover system and its mechanics; here we will elaborate on the following:

  1. Cover Mechanics
  2. Camera Peeking
  3. Slap Shot
  4. Different Types Of Shots
  5. Up A Shot/Charge Shot
  6. Back A Shot/Sweep Shot
  7. Reaction Shot
  8. Lefty Flip
  9. The Slingshot
  10. Wall Bouncing

1) Cover Mechanics

When dealing with cover you need to understand when it's time to be aggressive and when to be defensive.


In most situations, you'll want to be aggressive when in cover and the opponent is approaching; with them not being in cover already they are a free target to hit. When they are in cover they will have a lot of advantages over you and it's best to approach it from a different angle. The worst situation you can be in is a stalemate on boxed cover, where neither of you are doing anything and are simply waiting for the other to make the first move. More often than not, if you wait long enough the opponent will get anxious and make the first move. If you find you are forced to initiate a battle, I suggest the following:

  • Using a smoke or flash to get a chance to move in
  • If you can't use this, try making it to the corner of cover before the enemy to allow an Up A or Back A shot
  • If this is still not an option, peel off of cover and create a gap between you and the opponent while circling around to give you the best chance

it's also important to remember that just because you're in cover, you are not necessarily safe. The cover is even less protective in Gears 5 than past games and you'lll need to make sure you never let yourself get into a false sense of security.

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It is important to also remember that you travel the fastest when sliding into cover, so you can use this mechanic to quickly traverse the map and get to important parts of the map faster than your opponent. It's also a great tool for evading enemies trying to shoot you. If you want to get the most out of it, try sliding into the corner of cover so you can quickly roll around the corner and continue your roadie run; you will ultimately spend less time walking and more time running at maximum speed.

2) Camera Peeking

Camera Peeking is one of the most underrated tricks in Gears 5, just because cover is there for you to get on, it doesn't mean you need to use it. It's so simple to do and so rewarding when utilised correctly.


It's so effective because your opponent can not see around the corner you are hiding behind, but because of the angle you are standing at, it allows you to peer around and pounce when the time is right. It's also far more effective than getting into cover to fight because your gun and limbs tend to stick out when near the edge; meaning the opponent will see you. Not to mention the fact that when you are using the cover system to pivot round corners, you are fully exposed to gunfire. By camera peeking you can allow you character to mostly stay behind cover, only allowing your gun to be exposed.

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It's also fantastic for getting the jump on snipers, when you're stuck in cover you are also stuck in the same animation sequence; which can be very easy to telegraph.

3) Different Types Of Shots

There are significant types of shots in Gears 5, which are standard practice in and out of cover:

  • ADS (Aim Down Sights) - Aiming down the barrel of the sights by holding the LT button - your accuracy is greatly increased, but your movement is hampered.
  • Hipfire - Not aiming down the barrel of the sights and simply firing from the hip - your accuracy is decreased, but movement is much better.

It's vital to know when to use the two different shot types. Hip firing should be used when fighting at close range, this is because you will not have the time or the need to ADS at such close range, it will only slow you down; you will also not need to worry as much about your accuracy because you'll be so close you're unlikely to miss. ADSing is great when there is a significant space between you and your opponent, allowing you to get the most out of your shots when you need them to be accurate.


These can also be applied in cover:

  • Pop Shot - Briefly ADSing with your weapon, increases accuracy but leaves you exposed.
  • Blindfire - Shooting blindly, decreases accuracy but keeps you in cover.

You'll want to expose less of yourself when there are multiple enemies around or you've already taken significant damage, meaning you should use the blindfire shot. You will want to make sure you are accurate with your shots when players are at a distance and isolated, meaning you should use the pop shot.

There is however a hybrid shot called the 'Slap Shot'...

4) Slap Shot

The slap shot is a hybrid between the pop shot and the blindfire. To do it you will need to rapidly press LT and RT, almost simultaneously. You need to press LT a fraction before RT.

By doing this you will perform a more accurate blindfire and keep yourself in cover. It's a great move to execute, but can be a little tough to do consistently and consecutively. In Gears 5, I personally feel like the pop shot is far better in cover than it used to be, you certainly feel less exposed and it's much quicker to execute. Even if you don't get the timing quite right, you should be in a good spot if you are attempting this type of shot. I would recommend using it when you are on small cover that can be exposed easily.


5) Up A Shot/Charge Shot

The Up A is done by sliding into or being on corner cover (with A or RB if you're on tournament layout), pushing upwards on the left thumb stick (to activate the corner turn prompt) and then pressing A (or RB) so you turn around the corner of cover and begin to move forward; as you’re turning the corner you then shoot your shotgun.

This is a great way to avoid being hit with a Back A and stopping your opponent getting to cover, it's a great way to get a free hit as they'll be busy running or sliding into cover, unable to retaliate. You need to make sure that they are close enough to you that you can actually shoot them once you have turned; if you continue to roadie run after the turn, you wont be able to shoot and can suffer some needless deaths; it's for this reason it can often be a limiting move and may be better to use other options.

6) Back A Shot/Sweep Shot

The Back A is done by sliding into (with A or RB) or being on cover and pulling backwards on the left thumbstick, this will start to peel you off of cover, followed by shooting your shotgun as this happens.

It will keep you from being hit by enemies and put you in a good position to follow up after. It will also stop enemies performing an Up A on you. You should consider how low your health is, although it can be successful, if you're low when pulling off the wall you will exposed to getting hit. Overall, I tend to find this to be the most effective shot, it's great at close range, but also very good for putting warning shots down on approaching enemies.

7) Reaction Shot

The Reaction Shot is very similar to the Up A, but you will be shooting backwards as you turn the corner. This is a great way to recover from an Up A without having to do much yourself. You do not need to do much yourself other than shoot when the time is right.


In most circumstances you will likely only do this if your opponent is at an angle or you've somehow really messed up the timing. This shot may not work consistently so do not become reliant on it.

8) Lefty Flip

The lefty flip is a very easy move to perform and so useful, but can only be done within certain circumstances. To execute it you need to get into cover that you can either look over the top or around a left hand corner. Next, you will then need to make your character face to the left of the screen (while in cover) and ADS around the corner or over the top of cover by pressing LT; this will cause your character to take a left handed stance.

It's quite straight forward and something most people do without realising, but where it really comes in handy is after you peel off cover When you peel off of the wall, as long as you are still ADSing, you character will hold this stance. It's a great move when approaching right hand corners as you can catch players off guard, who are expecting you to approach from a right hand stance; it's also a decent counter to those attempting to corner peek.

9) The Slingshot

This is a great way to mix up the script on an opponent that is chasing you. It's done by performing an Up A, but as you're turning the corner from the Up A, you want to rotate the camera to face the opposite direction - your character will stop roadie running in the original direction and continue the run the other way seemlessly.

This move will absolutely bamboozle players and looks great when done correctly, they will be too busy chasing you that they wont expect you to suddenly turn and engage in a fight. With this move it's so difficult to predict because there is no prior warning, you simply have to try to predict it to counter. It is important to note that you will not be able to shoot while running, it's very situational and extremely tough to pull off well (hence the rubbish example).


10) Wall Bouncing

Wall bouncing is a simple technique to learn but difficult to effectively put into practice - all Gears players should learn it, as it will increase your evasiveness. It’s the simple action of sliding in and out of cover quickly, often chaining them together. This can be done by sliding into cover using your cover/evade/mantle button (A by default and LB on tournament), as you slide into cover you will need to pull in the opposite direction to the slide to peel off of the wall.

This can be done as late or early as you want depending on the situation and can be chained together depending on the environment around you. In most situations online, you are likely only going to need to wall bounce once in a sequence unless you come into contact with a number of enemies; more often than not one well executed wall bounce is better than several meaningless ones. However, if you can chain them together you will be unstoppable. 

Try not to get too over eager with spamming the cover button as you may inadvertently evade/roll and be a sitting duck. I also highly recommend you up your sensitivity to allow you to turn the camera quickly to the next place you want to wall bounce and always hip fire.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91