Gears 5: Characters COG Gear, DeeBee And Swarm Warden To Be Added To Multiplayer Post-Launch

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Gears 5 characters will be added post-launch of the new Gears of War game, which is already set to have a multitude of cosmetics. It's great to hear new content coming to Gears of War 5, meaning we're in-store for a fresh content on a regular basis as we battle it out against others on Gears 5 maps with an arsenal of unique Gears 5 weapons.

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Gears 5 Characters

It was never really in doubt whether characters would be added to Gears 5 post-launch, however the details were understandably left scarce until recently. Lucky members of the public have managed to obtain a copy of the game early and have been playing Gears 5 as a result. Thanks to Reddit user u/Evancurtis, he posted a picture of the in-game menu where it reveals some of the details to come in the next month.

It has been confirmed that COG Gears, DeeBee and Swarm Warden will be added to the multiplayer mix in October along with additional features. We could expect to see new characters added at regular, monthly intervals to spice up the game and give players something to look forward to as the year unfolds.

Photo via Reddit


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91