Gears 5: All Confirmed Maps In The Gears of War 5 Multiplayer

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The Gears 5 multiplayer maps will make up a huge part of the user's experience with Gears of War 5. In the past, Gears of War has been known for having the most iconic maps in multiplayer history - so much so they have been remastered on more than one occassion. Players will be able to experience the full list of multiplayer maps during early access by purchasing the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition in both PvP multiplayer and the Arcade Mode.

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Gears 5 Multiplayer Maps




Set in the entertainment district of a new Coalition of Ordered Governments Settlement.

Training Grounds

Set in a DeeBeetraining facility built just outside the crumbling ruins of the House of Sovereigns.


Set in the ruins of Vasgar Air International, an airport in the former country of Vasgar that was attacked during the invasion by the Union of Independent Republics in the Pendulum Wars.




Dam (available only in private matches)

Forge (available only in private matches)

Foundation (available only in private matches)

Harbor (available only in private matches)


Reclaimed (available only in private matches)

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Gears 5 Escape Maps

The Descent

The Hive

The Gauntlet

The Mines

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91