Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s third trailer was more impressive than Final Fantasy 16’s State of Play according to fan poll

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's Link and Final Fantasy 16's Clive.
Credit: Final Fantasy XVI/Square Enix on Twitter and Nintendo.

With the release of Tears of the Kingdom just over a month away, plenty of Legend of Zelda fans are already counting down the days until they can take to the picturesque plains of Hyrule again.

These dedicated Nintendo fans certainly got a good reason to tear themselves away from watching motion-controlled or Ocarina-based Breath of the Wild challenge runs yesterday, with TOTK’s third trailer debuting to rave reviews.

However, also arriving on what turned out to be a bumper Thursday was a Playstation State of Play broadcast focused on Final Fantasy 16, which also went down a treat, despite some prior doubts. Now, though, a poll is tasking gamers with choosing which of the two they found to be more impressive.

Which of yesterday’s big gaming events did you find more hype-inducing?

This broadcast-based ballot can be found on ResetEra, having been posted by user Indie guy, who declared: “Yesterday was a good day. We had the pleasure of seeing two of the biggest releases of 2023 in action; two of the main GOTY contenders, two epic solo adventures that will likely shape the future of gaming for years to come. My question is quite simple: which of the two trailers hyped/impressed you the most?”

The survey they commissioned to gather answers to this query offered respondents three simple potential answers, Tears of the Kingdom’s trailer, FF16’s presentation or the neutral ground of “None of them, I just want to take part in this survey.”

As of writing, 1.1k people have contributed an answer to the poll, with the Zelda trailer currently holding a strong lead, thanks to 614 votes, good enough for 53.4% of the overall vote share.

That said, the Final Fantasy showcase, while related to second place in a race designed for two horses, hasn’t done too badly in the face of tough competition, having amassed 441 votes, which is 38.3% of the total.


Making up the remaining 8.3% is the neutral faction, which is made up of 95 people who probably just want everyone to be friends.

Though, it seems the emergent gaming democracy in the thread also contains a few folks who elected not to use their ballot-based power, with user Ewaan saying: “I never bothered to vote because I loved both. I was fully on board with FFXVI and the State of Play reinforced that. I wasn't quite as pumped for TotK yet, but the trailer sure helped.”

Regardless of which of the two broadcasts, if either, you’re going to re-watching all weekend, make sure to follow us for a bunch of helpful guides to Tears of the Kingdom and its various features, including weapon crafting and raft building, and similar coverage of FF16.

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