Yakuza modder brings Halo’s Master Chief to Kamurocho

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An image of Halo's master chief in Yakuza.
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While bringing characters from both films and other games into titles like Skyrim is pretty commonplace, with everyone from John Marston to John Wick having ended up in Bethesda's RPG, every so often a new arrival can still catch players off guard.

This is certainly the case for fans of the Yakuza series, who love their main protagonist, the impeccably dressed Kazuma Kiryu, so much that swapping him out seems like sacrilege.


However, a new mod has done just that, inducting a heavily armoured Halo hero into the Tojo Clan as a replacement.

Goro Majima is probably very confused about what’s happened to his Kiryu-chan right now

The mod in question is called ‘Masterchief from Halo 3’ and is the work of prolific modder Kashiiera, who is infamous for their work in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, primarily on the Halo 3: Combat Evolved project, but also on remastering classic maps.

Now, though, they’ve turned their attention to the world of Yakuza Zero, allowing Halo’s Master Chief to take the place of Kiryu and battle against the likes of Kuze and Awano using his futuristic fists of fury, as you can see in the video below.


Naturally, you might still have to reconcile the idea of Kiryu’s dulcet tones emanating from behind the green helmet during cutscenes and the face you won’t have access to your trusty Warthog, but the combat visuals alone make these minor quibbles worth overlooking.

Plus, Master Chief deserves a chance to have a crack at karaoke and belt out some Baka Mitai, don’t you think?

Users on ResetEra were unsure about this, however, with bushmonkey saying in a very Karen-like manner: “I was hoping this was putting Kiryu into Halo and not the other way around. Disappointed!!” and SlasherMcGirk angrily asking: “why in the world would I want to play as anybody but Kiryu?”

On the other hand, user Nacery had the right attitude, saying: “after playing with a Spartan in Dead or Alive 4 this fits incredibly well.”


If you’ve got an equally open mind, you’ll need to grab the Ryu Mod Manager in order to install the mod properly and begin your armoured assault on Tokyo.

So, polish your visor, see if there are any Japanese travel guides for sale in space and make sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Elden Ring and Fallout modding.