XCOM 2 Announced

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Following repeated teases by 2K Games over the past week, IGN were the first to report today that XCOM 2 is now officially announced and set to head to PC exclusively this November. 

The game is sequel to Firaxis Games' 2012 critically acclaimed strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and a continuation of the 20 year long legendary franchise. Further information is set to be released about the game in an exclusive deal with IGN, with a quote from their news post stating the following.

"Over the next month IGN will reveal huge details about XCOM 2, uncovered during our visit to Firaxis’ Maryland studio. Tomorrow you’ll get an in-depth overview and interview with Creative Director Jake Solomon that’ll highlight the major new features, including new soldier classes, new aliens, stealth-infused tactics, procedurally generated maps, and more. Following that, we’ll have a Rewind Theater examination of all the details in today’s trailer reveal with Solomon and Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis.

And, later this week we’ll go in-depth with Solomon and DeAngelis on the reasons behind the bold move to take XCOM from a multiplatform series to a PC exclusive, and how XCOM 2 will be tailored to take advantage of that single platform’s strengths – followed by Firaxis’ exciting plans to support modders and their work."

The first gameplay footage of XCOM 2 is confirmed to debut at 2015's E3 Expo this June. The reveal trailer is available for viewing below.