Xbox Series X Smoking: Viral Videos Circulating Of Next-Gen Consoles Smoking

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Many have been excitedly awaiting launch day.

With loads of users booting up their new next-gen consoles, there's bound to be a few hiccups.


Although, I don't think anyone expected smoke to come into play.

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Xbox Series X Smoking

There are a handful of console players that tend to steer clear of launch units.


Usually, this is due to the risk of a faulty batch.

It seems those that have these superstitions might have made the right choice this time around.

Some videos of the Xbox Series X have been making the rounds on social media.

In these videos, the console can be seen with smoke rising from its top, see below.

— Arek Adamowicz (@Arek_Adamowicz)
November 11, 2020

Players have also taken to Reddit to share their experiences, the thread can be found here.


User Ayrtonio_69 posted to the site with the title 'My Xbox Series X just started smoking'.

In the post, he said "Just been woken up (6am UK) to a sizzling sound"

"Thought to myself what the hell is that?"

"Turns out my brand new Xbox Series X is melting, smoke everywhere coming out the vent at the top."


Many are questioning whether most of the videos being shared are actually fake.

The smoke coming from the console actually looks a lot more like vapour and moves more like it than smoke would.

Nevertheless, it's not a good look for Xbox.

Fingers crossed, the issue, if true, will be resolved soon!